Porque te vas (Jeanette)

This is a song I like to play when I’m DJing, it makes people smile: “Porque Te Vas” by Jeanette (Dimech).

I got reminded of this song by a newsletter of the Beursschouwburg, they’re doing a “Porque Te Vas” contest where people can bring new versions of this classic. Inscription before Oct 10th, and the event is held on Oct 24th, with hosts STIJN and Pieter De Buysser, the jury consists of Maria Tarantino and Stijn Meuris.

Hoy en mi ventana brilla el sol
Y el corazon
Se pone triste contemplando la ciudad
Porque te vas

1 thought on “Porque te vas (Jeanette)”

  1. It was one of my favourites … I was hypnotized by the video. I remember the jokes of one friend telling that I was in love with Jeanette. It was not true of course 😛

    Really happy to see it once again.

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