How much fuel do you pay?

My friend Henry asked me to calculate on a napkin how much I spent on fuel per month. I have a greedy car, but I live close to the office. Still I was quite surprised by the number I got.

Let’s take some examples:

  • You drive a modest Citroen C3 1.4 HDI (4.4l/100km). You travel 20 km to and from work every day.
    You pay 5.22€/100km or about 42 €/month. 
  • You drive an Audi A4 break TDI (5.6 l/100km). You travel 80 km to and from work every day.
    You pay 8.23€/100Km, or about 263€/month.
  • You drive a BMW 750i (11.4 l/100km). You travel 50km to and from work every day.
    You pay 16.76€/100km, or about 335€/month.
  • Big spender: you drive a Range Rover Sport (15.90 l/100km). You travel 100km back and forth.
    You pay 23.37€/100km, or 934 €/month.

OK, if you buy a RangeRover Sport, you’re not really looking at the price, but still.

How much do you spend?

4 thoughts on “How much fuel do you pay?”

  1. Well that’s easy enough using the €/100km mileage.

    at 500km/week or 2000km/month:
    Citroen C3: 5.22€/100km – 104.4€/mon
    Audi A4: 8.23€/100km – 164.6€/mon
    BMW 750i: 11.4€/100km – 228€/mon
    Range Rover: 23.37€/100km – 466€/mon

    For your own calculation, check

  2. 0.00 €/month
    Tram 4
    Paid by my employer 🙂

    My 14-year old car can’t handle stressy traffic…

    If people need to commute that much by car, it seems a bit like the joke (bumper sticker): “I need my car to drive to my job. I need my job to pay for my car.”

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