TVH likes women

I was born near Roeselare, in West-Vlaanderen, and every now and then I go back to my roots. I drive over Gent and Kortrijk and on the way I’m always curious to see what kind of advertising the guys from TVH have put up this time. For they are clearly guys, in the TVH marketing department.

Exhibit #1, May 2006:
TVH: we lift almost everything

Exhibit #2, August 2007:

Big or small, we lift it all

Exhibit #3, May 2008:

TVH: full service

A psychoanalyst would have hours of analysis pleasure on these beauties. The mammary image in the first picture clearly links forklift trucks (which is what they sell, by the way) to a homely feeling. There is also an element of surprise: forklifts can’t lift boobs?? Who would have thought? The second demonstrates your basic castration fear (Freud turns in his grave and shouts: “I thought of that one”) and the last one assures you that asian efficiency will be used to service … whatever (insert misogynist joke with ‘screw’ and ‘shaft’).

A look at TVH’s who’s-who indicates that the responsible person for the campaigns would be sales & marketing director L. Maertens. Keep excercising that innuendo muscle, Mr Maertens!

2 thoughts on “TVH likes women”

  1. Thanx for your post about our billboards peter.
    I’m part of the department that comes up with the initial ideas and takes care of the final realisation of the design. As a mather of fact I’m also the small guy in the middle of the urinoirs picture. I’m 1,94m tall, you can imagine how big the other guys where :-).
    And yes, 90% of our publishing department are men. But so are 90% of our target group. So if we suceed in grabbing your attention from time to time, we consider it as a job well done.

    Thanks again and we hope we’ll keep amusing you in the future!

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