Status page for telecom/internet providers

My mobile provider Telenet had a partial outage today. Sometimes calls would go though, sometimes not. Same things with SMS and 3G. I wanted to check if there was a page I could check to see if it was just for me, just for that location on globally in Belgium. You know, a proper status page like Google and Apple have. Or in Belgium, like Combell. It appears Telenet has one, but it’s for the Internet division. They also have a Twitter account that is well followed up. How does this compare to the other providers? Here is an overview of who offers what:

Mobile Telephony/Data

Belgacom Proximus

* Status page: no


* Status page: no

Telenet (on Mobistar network)

* Status page: no

Base (part of KPN)

* Status page: no

Mobile Vikings (on Base network)

Broadband Internet


* Status page: no


Scarlet (part of Belgacom)

* Status page: no

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