AC adaptors: standardize, please

I was just cleaning up around my computer and I got annoyed again because of the utter lack of common sense hardware vendors seem to have in their choice of AC adapters (I’m not the only one, Douglas Adams wrote about it before).  I made a list of all the devices in a radius of 3m around me:

Brand Product Plug Volt Ampere Watt
Apple Airport Extreme (proprietary) 12 V 1.8 A 22 W
Apple Mac Mini (proprietary) 18.5 V 4.6 A 85 W
Apple iPhone charger USB + mini USB 5 V 1.0 A 5.0 W
Asus EeePC 1000H Coax 12 V 3.0 A 36 W
Canon Selphy ES1 Photo printer Coax 24 V 2.3 A 55 W
Dell Latitude laptop (old) (proprietary) 20 V 2.0 A 40 W
Iomega External USB disk Power DIN 12 V 1.5 A 18 W
Jabra Bluetooth Jawbone headphones (proprietary) 5 V 550 mA 2.8 W
Jabra Bluetooth headphones mini USB 5 V 180 mA 0.9 W
Logitech Bluetooth headphones Coax 6.5 V 250 mA 1.6 W
Netgear Cable router Coax 15 V 1.2 A 18 W
Netgear External network disk Coax 12 V 5.0 A 60 W
Nintendo Gameboy (proprietary) 5.2 V 320 mA 1.7 W
Nokia GSM Charger N-series Nokia plug small 5 V 890 mA 4.5 W
Nokia GSM Charger pre-N-series Nokia plug big 3.7 V 355 mA 1.3 W
QPS Digital photo frame Coax 12 V 3.0 A 36 W
Trekstor External USB disk Coax 12 V 2.0 A 24 W
Tulip Laptop Coax 19 V 3.4 A 65 W

In a sensible world, all ‘small’ things would have a mini USB (5V) power connector, all ‘medium’ things would run on 12V DC with 1 (one) standard coax connector and the rest would be on 220V AC. Let’s see how far we are from that situation:

I know the GSM industry is already talking about it (“The group agreed that by the 1st January 2012, the majority of all new mobile phone models available will support a universal charging connector” – GSMworld). Apparently they want to standardize on Micro-USB. It’s a pity I haven’t seen a lot of devices with Micro-USB yet. I hope we’ll have Mini-USB to Micro-USB dongles so that we can keep on using our ‘old’ power cables.

Micro /mini / USB-B / USB-A male / USB-A female
Micro /mini / USB-B / USB-A female / USB-A male
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