Seth’s bandwidth vs synchronicity graph: it’s a start

Seth Godin came up with a visualisation of ‘means of communication’: bandwidth vs sync(chronicity). He took a number of ’old’ (postal mail, radio) and ’new’ (blogs, YouTube and -of course- Twitter) technologies and ranked them on a 2D graph according to ’quality’ (density or bandwidth) and ’sync’ (speed of reaction).

Although it is an interesting way of visualizing things, and I consider Seth a very bright and creative guy, I am bothered by the fact that the graph is neither clear, correct nor complete.




One can’t post a reply on Seth’s blog, and I’d like the graph to mature a bit. I think that with some better definition of axis and data points it will be a good way to categorize means of communication. And I’m certainly interested to see what it will look like then.

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