IDEA for hosters: corporate one-click installs

A lot of hosting companies already offer one-click installs for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, dotProject. These are mostly content tools. They’re useful, but they cover only a part of what a corporate customer would want.

I would love to see a hosting company that does the following:

  • let you register your domain name with them:
  • first add a blog on
  • now add a helpdesk application on
  • now add a time tracking application on
  • now add a http/tcp/app monitoring application on
  • now add an asset management tool on
  • now add an applicant tracking system on
  • now add a mailing list service on
  • now add …

It doesn’t really matter if these services are hosted on your account (e.g. with an open-source software) or are actually SaaS offers (style FreshDesk/FreshService) where the hoster takes care of the registration. But the beauty is knowing that you have easy solutions to problems that all companies have, and you have central management and invoicing.



2 thoughts on “IDEA for hosters: corporate one-click installs”

  1. “http/tcp/app monitoring application”

    What’s that for, especially if talking about a SaaS based offering. Why would a customer want to monitor that? Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of the provider?

    1. Shit happens 🙂
      Your blog might go down, your SaaS helpdesk might go down, even Amazon AWS goes down. Even SaaS doesn’t guarantee 100% uptime, and you don’t want to find out something is down because your customers start calling you.

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