How to host a Laravel project on Gandi

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I host a lot of my projects on hosting, and when I started using the Laravel PHP web framework, it wasn’t obvious at first how to run a Laravel project on Gandi Simple Hosting. So let me describe the way I do it.

“Deploy with git” websites


Deploy with git – bash script

UPDATE: I upgraded this simple deploy script into a better gandi_deploy script — “Easy site deployment on Gandi with git and gdeploy

To make re-deploying the project easier, I use a simple bash script:

   git commit -a \
&& git push gandi master \
&& ssh <yourid> deploy

Be sure to add your public key to the Gandi SSH key list, so you won’t have to give a password for the git push and ssh deploy step.

“Update via sFTP” websites

Also check out the gandi-deploy / script for even easier deployment and administration

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