Making the Pixel Movie Quiz

Imagemagick is a command-line tool to create and modify image files. It is an essential program if you want to work with media files (just like ffmpeg and sox). I have used it very often in my career and I still discover new applications. This blog post is about one of these experiments. How few pixels does one need to recognise a familiar/known image, in this case a movie poster? I created the Pixel Movie Quiz.

Pixelized movie posters

Guess the movie? (3×3 pixels) </div> This is a 3×3 pixel version of a movie poster. Can you guess which movie? A lot of my friends could guess this one, from just 9 pixels! Do you need some more?
Guess the movie (5×5 pixels) </div> Still no? Try stepping back from your screen, and squinting your eyes. Ok, I’ll give you 9×9 pixels, and if you still don’t recognise the poster, you probably don’t know the movie.
Guess the movie (9×9 pixels) </div> Yes! That beautiful saturated red and green, that is indeed the French classic Le Fabuleux Destin D’Amélie Poulain or in short [**Amélie**]( (2001).
Amélie (2001) – 160×160 pixels </div> Isn’t it amazing that your brain can sometimes get enough out of 9 (3×3) pixels to recognise an image? It actually works a bit counterintuitive: if you want a better view, you don’t zoom in, but you have to zoom out. Let’s try some more, but keep your phone at arm’s length (if you’re on mobile) or move 4 steps away from your laptop screen.
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