Because eloquence is, like, whatever.



Idea: Emoticon for innuendo: &-)

Do you often find yourself in a situation where you are using some kind of word play in a written (chat or text message) conversation, but feel that you need to make this second level of comprehension clear? This is… Continue Reading →

The early days of (e)book piracy

I was thinking about this the other day. Piracy is really big for CDs and DVDs. One of the main reasons is that both media are so easy to digitize. Pop in a CD and in 6 minutes you have… Continue Reading →

“Bum titty bum” – Limerick toolbox

Limericks can be great fun to read, to receive and to make. The basics are: five lines , AABBA rhyming scheme and some respect for the correct metrum. The advanced theory (“internal feet must be anapestic, while the first syllable… Continue Reading →

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