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Krantenkoppen op

Een tijdje geleden merkte ik dat verdwenen was. Ik gebruikte die site regelmatig om een overzicht te krijgen van wat er in de kranten beweegde bewoog die dag, “wat ik gelezen zou moeten hebben”. Na enkele weken dacht ik:… Continue Reading →

CalendarBurner: Feedburner for iCal calendars

I am currently using my experience with to build a similar site for Tango in Bulgaria. One of the major components of the site is the tango calendar. In this case I have chosen not to use a special… Continue Reading →

Grazr Widget for RSS feeds

I am always on the lookout for original ways to use RSS feeds, and the Grazr widget service is quite neat for text-based feeds. It consists of a Flash-based reader with a neat interface. Here an example for OverheardInNewYork: And… Continue Reading →

Reinventing the wheel: Twitter backchannel

I was chatting a bit with Bart about Barcamp, and I asked the inevitable question: “Should we do something with Twitter?” To which Bart’s answer was: “Maybe, but what?”. Let’s see: create a “BarcampBrussels” Twitter account, which would serve 2… Continue Reading →

Yahoo! Pipes: Get-Remix-Deliver model

Yahoo! Pipes is an RSS mashup application from Yahoo. It allows you to merge, sort, filter and combine RSS feeds. Since it is primarily a remix/mashup application, I’ve tried to list its features in my Get-Mix-Deliver model: It’s easy to… Continue Reading →

How to visualize a timeline

I am working on a timeline of animation movies: specifically to see when Disney started to fade and Pixar/Dreamworks took over. What films were made when, who made them and in what way do they coincide with activities of e.g…. Continue Reading →

Lies, damned lies and Google trends

Yesterday I was browsing through my freshly arrived Tufte book “The visual display of quantitative information“. One example of “garbage in, garbage out” that he gives is the London Stock Exchange index (which went way down one year in Dec)… Continue Reading →

PDF podcasts: proof of concept

Background I read a lot of info on digital cinema these last months. I find there is little syndicated content (blog feeds) to be found on the topic. Some sites have a page of press releases and/or an email newsletter,… Continue Reading →

Moving up the feed chain

While playing with Feed43 recently (an excellent anything-to-RSS converter), I wondered: why doesn’t Feedburner do any of this stuff? It’s just a bit earlier in the RSS food chain (let’s call that the ‘feed chain’). Which of course incentivised me… Continue Reading →

WizaRSS: a wizard player based on RSS

I had an idea recently that I probably won’t be able to work out, so I’m just gonna throw it here and see if anyone feels like putting the nuts and bolts together. It’s about step-by-step wizards (i.e. the “Next-Next-Finish”… Continue Reading →

RSS is a hammer

We’re all excited by the promises of Web 2.0, we’re all awaiting the next really neat remix application/service of data, meta-data, analysis and presentation. But let’s not fall for the “I have a hammer, so all problems look like a… Continue Reading →

Web feeds are like RSS, only different

There recently has been some commotion over the fact that Microsoft is introducing RSS support in the new Internet Explorer 7 (which is great), but they call them “web feeds”. Oh! My! God! They are so evil! Actually, Microsoft has… Continue Reading →

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