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Idea: short-term unified group messaging enterprise

I was driving for 6 hours the other day and my wife¬†was asleep, so what does one do: work out the details for a new kind of hosted communication service in my head. If you are a user of AirBNB,… Continue Reading →

Reset your OnePlus One to factory settings

About half a year ago I switched from an iPhone to an Android smartphone: the OnePlus One. In the beginning it was splendid and super fast and everything. But recently it has become flaky. I suspect the apps ‘Swiftkey’ and… Continue Reading →

Wifi in my car: proof of concept

Some drivers love fancy chrome wheel rims, some add a huge wing spoiler on their car, or fuzzy dice hanging from their rear-view mirror. Me, when I bought my new car, I decided that I wanted a Wifi network in… Continue Reading →

iOS6 losing its 3G cellular data settings – fix for Belgium

I upgraded my iPhone 4S to the new iOS6 the day it came out. As I expected, I had to reconfigure the cellular data settings (‘APN’). For some reason they always get lost during major OS updates. However, I have… Continue Reading →

Nokia Trends Lab @ AB

This Friday in the Ancienne Belgique: Nokia Trends Lab with Shameboy. There was a remix contest for a Shameboy song and it was won by Pieter Santens. I also downloaded the tracks last week and thought I’d use Acid Express… Continue Reading →

Jealous computers

Dr Shopova warns for the wave of aggression by jealous computers, jealous because of the Nokia N95. As an owner of a N91, I have had my camera go on strike occasionally or deliberately underlighting my pictures, but never suffered… Continue Reading →

The Barcamp video saga: background

I’ve had a number of requests from attendees of the Barcamp Brussels 3 event. “The speeches were recorded on Nokia N95 phones, right? How come we haven’t seen them yet on Youtube/Google? What’s taking so long?” Well, here’s the answer…. Continue Reading →

The Nokia N95

I am one of the blogger-testers of the new Nokia N95. I received one of the first phones two weeks ago and have been using it now as extra phone. As I was also one of the beta-testers of the… Continue Reading →

Fallen in love again with my N91

I have an ambiguous relationship with my Nokia N91. When I received it for testing, it seemed to be all a mobile tech-savvy user could wish for. But time and time again, something happened that pissed me off: battery life,… Continue Reading →

Mobile etiquette: Caller ID

photo by uncle buck Do you remember the days before mobile phones? When being on the road meant that you could not be reached? When curly phone cords entangled in a sort of DNA structure? When you had to type… Continue Reading →

Context-aware mobile devices

RIM, the maker of the fancy Blackberry devices, has filed a patent application for a technique that allows devices to ‘guess’ in what kind of environment they are: The new Blackberrys would occasionally and very briefly vibrate. This should be… Continue Reading →

Estimating real-time traffic speed

— This is a post from 2006. Back then, there was no Google Maps, no Waze, no iPhone, no mobile data — I was reading a magazine on affordable GPS systems and one of the features they stressed a lot… Continue Reading →

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