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Stuff to install on a new Windows PC

That is, the stuff I install on a new Windows PC. Since I need this list several times a year, why not make a blog post of it. As you will see,I have a more than average interest in video… Continue Reading →

From XP to Vista back to XP

I finally got too fed up working with a crippled PC and installed the Windows Vista Beta 2 on my laptop. It looks really nice, although slightly slow. I connected my camera and, lo and behold, the Picture import works… Continue Reading →

IVI: Internet voor Iedereen

If your (Belgian) parents or grand-parents want to buy a cheap PC to get started on the Web, tell them to hold back for a couple more days. The Federal Government – through FEDICT – has set up a program… Continue Reading →

Fix by disabling: error 1016 in event log

Due to one of life’s mysteries, the following error shows up dozens of times per day in the event log of one of our web servers (Win2000/IIS): Event ID 1016: The data buffer created for the “NTFSDRV” service in the… Continue Reading →

Port redirection in Windows

We use port redirection/proxy often on our platforms. In the production setup, separate (Linux-based) servers take care of this, but for our development and testing environment, we need port redirection for Windows system. I generally use 2 command-line packages:… Continue Reading →

Converge already! (Struggling with WLBS)

I hate when things don’t go my way. One server in our NLB (Network Load Balancing) cluster did not want to join the cluster anymore. When I issued a wlbs start, it tried for a couple of seconds to join… Continue Reading →

No life without CURLs

If you’re a web server administrator – as I am – every now and then, someone yells at you “The site is down, fix it!”. A tool you should always keep handy is CURL. It’s a command-line web client (multi-platform… Continue Reading →

Fancy redirection on IIS 5

The task seemed easy enough: set up a new web site such that every URL is automatically redirected to process.aspx/?path=some_path (on the same domain or on – both have .Net running) Because we run our sites on… Continue Reading →

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