Stuff to install on a new Windows PC

That is, the stuff I install on a new Windows PC. Since I need this list several times a year, why not make a blog post of it. As you will see,I have a more than average interest in video (conversion) and sysadmin (SSH/FTP). The links typically go straight to the download page.


  • iTunes (+Quicktime): excellent music manager and it rips to MP3 really fast
  • CDBurnerXP: for burning CDs, DVDs, ISO files
  • Irfanview: image viewer, editor and converter – for people who think Photoshop is overkill
  • Picasa: photograph workflow & archive manager (from Google)
  • VLC Player: ultimate video player, very complete set of codecs
  • ffmpeg with a GUI like GVC: video conversion: AVI, MOV, MPG, MP4, …
  • Handbrake: will make a good MPEG4 of any DVD in one go


  • Skype: for chat, phonecalls and SMSes with people far away
  • Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser – personally I like Firefox less. Opera is solid and fast, Google Chrome is an interesting new kid on the block.
  • FileZilla: FTP client
  • Putty: SSH and telnet terminal
  • EditPlus: customisable editor for text, HTML, CMD … that also works over FTP
  • uTorrent: because sometimes you need to … get stuff, you know


  • Google Pack: contains Picasa, Skype, Google Toolbar and a whole bunch of other useful programs
  • Adobe PDF reader: for reading PDF documents, and everything is in PDF these days
  • 7-Zip: compression/expansion of ZIP, RAR and 7z archives
  • CutePDF with GhostScript: printing to a PDF file (also allows converting a PostScript PS/EPS file to PDF)
  • UnixUtils: I’m a sucker for GAWK and WGET
  • Nokia PCSuite: for synchro with my Nokia N91 (yes, it’s still my phone!)
  • XAMPP: for developing with Apache/PERL/PHP/MySQL on Windows

4 thoughts on “Stuff to install on a new Windows PC”

  1. I guess everyone has a slightly different list.

    I use WinAmp instead of iTunes, Foxit Reader instead of Adobe PDF Reader, Notepad++ instead of EditPlus, EasyPHP instead of XAMPP and SmartFTP instead of CuteFTP. For the rest I would add MessengerPlus (with boss protection and tabbed windows), UltraMon (for multi displays), The Regex Coach (a regular expression help tool), WinRAR, Gtalk, Flickr Uploader, MyPhoneExplorer (for syncing my Sony Ericsson phone). Obviously ALL browsers even IE6 for testing.

  2. Surely I have a different list 🙂
    For previewind PDF, I will never install Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is a bloated software.
    I use FoxitReader instead. You don’t even install this, as far as I remember. It just workes as an exe.
    Instead of installing another Media Player, I use and download a codec pack – I play anything with these, including flv files, and it makes your Windows Media Player play .mov files. hehe
    K-Lite Codec Pack is awesome.
    For audio ripping, another freeware is great, and that is Exact Audio Copy. Or if you want 1-stop rip & convert solution, DBpowerAMP is THE thing.
    FileZilla, Putty, EditPlus and uTorrent are also my favorites.

  3. Super, Speedfan, Nettransport, Nero, VMware, DivX

    Het bijhouden van een lijstje is me altijd een teveel gedoe geweest, een full backup en reinstall op demand (afwachten wat je nu weer het meest gaat gebruiken).

    Misschien toch een idee om wakoopa voor dat lijstje te gebruiken om het bij te houden?

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