id3.exe – ideal tool for tagging and renaming MP3 files

I want to mention a little tool that helped me out twice in the last week, and that I find very little info about online. It’s a Windows command-line MP3 file tagger and renamer called id3.exe. Since I forgot where I downloaded it from and Google doesn’t give me a clue either: here’s where you can download id3.exe.

ID3.exe can do several things, of which I will just cite the things I actually used:

This is the complete usage of the version I used:

<br /> id3 0.78 (2006080)<br /> usage: id3 [-1 -2 -3] [OPTIONS] filespec ...<br />  -v             give verbose output<br />  -d             clear existing tag<br />  -t <title>     set tag fields<br />  -a <artist><br />  -l <album>             (i'th matched `*' wildcard  = %1-%9,%0<br />  -n <tracknr>            path/file name/counters    = %p %f %x %X<br />  -y <year>               value of tag field in file = %t %a %l %n %y %g %c)<br />  -g <genre><br />  -c <comment><br />  -D <filename   duplicate tags read from filename<br />  -f <template>  rename files according to template<br />  -q <format>    print formatted string on standard output<br />  -m             match variables in filespec<br />  -R             search recursively<br />  -M             preserve modification time of files<br />  -V             print version info<br /> Only on last selected tag type:<br />  -s <size>      set tag size<br />  -E             only write if tag already exists<br />  -u             update all standard fields<br />  -rTYPE         erase all `TYPE' frames<br />  -wTYPE <data>  write a `TYPE' frameReport bugs to <<a href=""></a>>.

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