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Touched by the iPod

As most geeks in my circle of friends, I am known to buy hardware slightly more often than the average Joe. I have 3 Wifi routers at home (just gave away my 4th one), I have more than 2TB of… Continue Reading →

Mixwit: Music for sad days

This is a nice concept: make you own online mixtape with Mixwit. The music comes from other people’s MP3 files found through Seeqpod, and not all of those are still online, but it’s easy to check and the result is… Continue Reading →

Click to hear the MP3 (playlist)

More than a year ago, I wrote an piece on Playing mp3 with an embedded Flash player. Things change quickly in this area, so it’s time for an update. These are all tools to play either individual MP3 files or… Continue Reading →

Playing MP3 with an embedded Flash player

(There is an updated post at Click to hear the MP3 playlist (Apr 2006)) When you want to have an embedded player in a web page, there are several options: working with an embedded RealPlayer or WindowsMedia player – which… Continue Reading →

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