Moodlex & Ableton Live

I saw a gig some weeks ago by Moodlex: just one guy with a portable PC, mixing his music live.
It was awesome, terribly funky. I just had to know what he was using for software, that made it so easy and intuitive to do live mixing/composing.
I think there ‘s a fair chance he was using Ableton Live. I’ve downloaded the trial version and hope to test it out soon on my new DAW system.

Oh yeah, I also saw Briskey there, a group similar to Sven van Hees, but not that good. Only, their female jazz drummer, Isolde Lasoen, she’s great – in more than one aspect. I hope to see her again with the band Skeemz on the Brussels Jazz Marathon. She’s the girl on the sofa in the back on their first video, but you have to see her drumming to fully appreciate.

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