A Pentium 4 is not necessarily a Pentium 4

I was throwing my DAW system together, first time I actually ‘built’ my own PC, and I thought it went kind of smooth. But my PC did not want to boot every other time. It just started beeping ee-oo-ee-oo, which indicated a CPU problem. I upgraded to the newest BIOS posted on the Aopen site, and then I got the real culprit:

This motherboard does not support Prescott CPU, turn off power to prevent damage.

As if I should know the difference between a Prescott and a Northwood processor… I didn’t even know I bought a Prescott.
Anyway, this Anandtech article made it clear: both use Socket 478, but my i865G motherboard only accepts the older ones. Well, I’m learning and that was the purpose. I’ll change my Pentium4 for a Pentium 4.

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