Metafilter on Steve Gadd

Great post on Steve Gadd on MetaFilter. He’s one of the reasons I wanted to start drumming, after hearing him on Simon & Garfunkel’s “Concert in Central Park”. When I started browsing through the Steve Gadd Grooves and Fills, I discovered that he was also responsible for “Chuck E’s In Love” (Rickie Lee Jones) and “Stuff Like That” (Quincy Jones). Tunes that got stuck in my head. He’s probably on more of my CDs than I can imagine. Janis Ian, Michael Franks, Al Jarreau, Michael McDonald, Steely Dan, …

I wonder who his worthy counterpart would be as a bass player (in my collection, then). Tony Levin? Pino Palladino? Anthony Jackson? My vote would go to the latter.

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