50 coolest song parts EVER

You can argue about some of the entries, but 50 coolest songs parts ever is a pretty great list of songs with the little extra that has made them stick around in your mind, or makes you start headbanging every time you hear them.

I mean stuff like: Prince‘s faster-than-light guitar solo in Let’s go crazyQueen‘s classic gay-but-cool-as-hell anthem Bohemian Rhapsody (where’s ABBA, by the way?) — Jimi HendrixVoodoo Chile (look at that cover image, didn’t you get arrested for stuff like that in those days?) — Madness‘ slightly deranged One Step Beyond — the coolest Rolling Stones intro ever in Sympathy for the devilVan Halen‘s drum solo on Teacher (those can’t all be bass pedals, right?) — and on #1: Phil Collins‘ monumental gated drum climax on In The Air tonight.

Which reminds me: I’m gonna see Phil Collins live this Sunday on TW/Classic.

(link: BeatMixed)

[Listening to: “That Night” – Jazzanova – Jazzanova Remixed – Disc 1]

2 thoughts on “50 coolest song parts EVER”

  1. well i think that one…scratch that the coolest song is when the levee breaks by zeppelin

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