I remember house before it was techno

I remember house before it was techno
I remember house before it had an afro
I remember house before it was deep
I remember house before it was hard
I remember house when house had tempos
I remember house before mpc 60’s
I remember house before house had loops
I remember house before the whole world knew
“Do You Remember House” – Blaze

If, like me, you every often have to explain why you’re into house music, but not techno, and what exactly the difference is between acid jazz, downbeat, deep house and lounge music, you should know about the Ishkur’s guide to electronic music. It gives an overview of styles, genres and sub-genres of house, trance, techno, breakbeat, ambient, jungle, hardcore and downtempo, all defined and annotated by a Canadian guy who compensates his lack of enthusiasm for some genres by a fair amount of sarcasm.

Hardcore is the musical genre with bi-polar disorder: one half is blistering, sadistic anger, a seething uncontrollable rage that seekd to ruin and wreck everything that exists, including everyone else’s fun time. (…) The other half of hardcore is way too silly and stupid to take such anger seriously anymore.
Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music

It even includes multiple sound samples with each definition, so put on those headphones and experience the delights of Nu Style Gabber, Gloomcore and New Beat (yes, we Belgians are still quite proud of that)!

Another, more serious way, of discovering house music is the excellent Jahsonic’s House Music History (some sound bites and really well cross-referenced), and if you really want to graduate from House University, check out House Music 101 (by Appollo). Wanna hear some? Browse through DeepHousePage.

Disclaimer: If Chic doesn’t make you snap your fingers, if George Clinton can’t incite you to move that booty and Bob Marley cannot make you wave that spliff above them dreadlocks, then you will not get it. Go back to your R.E.M. albums (or Metallica, whatever) and forget about it. You’re a lost case.

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