More is better: the quintuple-neck guitar

I remember when I saw my first double-neck guitar, I was really impressed. That seemed like a huge thing to have hanging from your neck. They became really popular in the Led Zeppelin, Yes and The Who era. The idea is to have 2 guitars handy, like a 6-string and a 12-string, or a bass and a guitar, a fretted and a fretless bass, or 2 guitars in a different tuning. But obviously it’s also one of those macho ‘size-matters’ things. The guitarist with the double-neck here is Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin.

There’s more, of course: e.g. Steve Vai has played the triple-neck heart-shaped monster you see on the side.

Today, triple neck guitars are still rare, because they’re huge, heavy, expensive and utterly pointless. They’re an obscene symbol of self-indulgence, like Missy Elliot’s Lamborghini bed, or Snoop’s jewel-encrusted crunk cup.
(from: Engadget)

King of the hill: the quintuple-neck guitar, used by Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen. That is: 36 strings (4 guitars and a 12 string). Respect!

38 thoughts on “More is better: the quintuple-neck guitar”

  1. We think that the 3 necked guitar is gay and there is no need…

    The 5 necked licks my balls all day…

    Nuf’ sed

    Nick n Mannin 😉

  2. What a loser! I have an 10 neck guitar with a swiss army knife that blows the doors off that “half of a guitar”.

  3. …OMG that’s gotta be heavy…and POINTLESS…Single neck is fine unless you play stairway or hotel california in concert…5 necks…I’d have 12/7/6/Bass/6 fretless…

  4. 5 necks. That’s pretty awesome. It should probably be set up better though. Like all the necks should be parallel, instead of having the top and bottoms one jut out at an angle, it makes it more awkward I’m sure. But all in all the idea is cool, it just must be real fucking heavy, liek 30 pounds minimum. Atleast you have alot of sound possibilities. I’d do it, but make it a hollowbody so I’m not 3 inches tall when I’m 90 from extreme curvature of my fuckin spine.

    Wanna hit me up or sumthin?

    Ede or die bitches!! I’m out!

  5. well double necks to have a point, you can have two difforet tunings like for a slide on two 6 strings. or you can switch betwine two guitar without wasting time. i have played a triple neck and its hard but its nice to know you have them. now five necked guitars are a bit much but doublenecks are really nice and that that hard to play even sitting down. i love them

  6. this has to be the dumbest thing ive ever seen… i mean i can see a reason for having a double-neck but 5?!?! whats just stupid!

  7. How does he play the five neck guitar? If you look at it, the bottom neck would be out of usable reach unless the topeneck was in front of his face

  8. dude. think of it like this, IF he can play it well, then he is already a better guitarist than you.
    and he has more money than you
    and certainly more fame
    and undoubtedly more talent.
    so… if he wants 8 necks he can ahve as long as he can play.

  9. What is good for one guy may not necessarily good for another. Hey, if it sounds good – what the heck.

  10. id say it’s pretty tough pullin a 5 neck guitar out on stage. and rick neilsen is more famous, rich, and could beat the hell out of you all on guitar so im impressed. i say rock on

  11. all of you that say this is gay…are totally wrong. this guy is probably way better than you in every way especially guitar. for those of you that say that you have more than 5 necks, congradulations. you must be pretty skilled. even though i would never go for this type of guitar( because i play bass) it is still kickass.

  12. wtf!! how can u not say that is cool? that looks the bollocks, Its fucking quality. Who wouldnt want a guitar like that. That just pulls chicks.

  13. wow… i would have a double neck with a 12 string and bass
    but triple and up would be 1- impossible to play 2- weigh a ton 3. way to expensive

  14. I have a single neck guitar. That’s all i need and will probably ever need…although i wouldn’t mind a double neck to screw around with different sounds…if you can play a 5 neck and be all over every single neck, you have my respect…it’s almost impossible, but hey, theres some fast ass gutarists out there…good luck

  15. what is the purpose of five necks when only one is a 12 string and the rest are the fucking same? i mean at least get a 12, a seven, a baritone, a mandolin, a bass and a normal guitar. but even then, a seven string is already a combination of a baritone and a normal guitar so what is the point of having anything other than a double neck with a 12 and a 7-string, or… okay if i had the money to pay mr ibanez to make me a guitar it would be a double neck s-series with a 14 and a 7 string and i think even then people would call me a wanker.

  16. Anyone who asks “why do you NEED 5 necks?” clearly Does Not Get It. It’s not about NEED (Jeezus, this is America, not a Commie country; you don’t have to needs-justify anything you buy here), it’s about Show Business. Nielsen is a collector and a performer, and part of his act is all the weird & interesting vintage and custom guitars he plays, changing them for every song during a show. The five-neck is completely tongue-in cheek, but he does make a point of playing every neck in the course of whichever song he busts it out for – I know the top neck is a 12-string and the bottom is fretless, but don’t know if the middle ones are in different tunings or what.

  17. you know what? I think if you’re good enough to play a guitar like that then you are allowed to show off because you have to be a pretty exeptional guitarist to be able to play something like that.

  18. 5 necks for 5 different purposes.
    one is 12 string
    one is 6
    one is 6 with whammy bar
    one is 6 and possibly semi-acoustic
    and the bottom one is a frettless bass.
    u never kno where ur bass player mite be.

  19. hey all
    just bought my ex a five neck – the ad in the window said “amazing – but stupid!”
    i thought it sounded too much like him to ignore… lol
    its cool!

  20. The man can and does play all the necks. Each neck is different. Five guitars in one. Rick = Bad MOFO.

  21. Nielsen did it for both practical purposes and for a goof. Firstly, he is an outstanding guitar player and would probably play at least three of those necks in any one song. Secondly, he is one of the goofiest silliest guitarists I have ever seen. I think he just wanted one. Come to think of it, if I could afford it, why not?

  22. i am a huge cheap trick/rick nielson fan was lucky enough to find a copy of ricks 5 neck while on ebay,its black and the set up is as follows,12 string,three 6 strings,6 string fretless.shouldve seen the guys face when i brought it in to have it set up,he almost crapped!.it was the talk of the shop though.overall cool guitar got it mainly as a conversation piece really and it is that.considering i got it for 675.00 with a hardcase it was worth it just for the looks alone.i own around 25 guitars and this one still makes me smile everytime i see it.

  23. i have a 7 neck guitar/bass (yes it was custom my cousin works @ a
    guitar warehouse and it only cost $2,000)
    7.5-string Bass
    it lights up with leds when you play it different color every string (86 different colors)

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