Information overload: blog filtering

I recently stopped reading blogs with SharpReader. It’s a great product, but I had over a hundred feeds that I was monitoring and that’s just too much information coming in. No way to get through all that and still get your job done. I now started from scratch with BlogLines and am trying to think twice before adding a new feed (currently at 10).

I remember the IT Conversations/BloggerCon podcast where Robert Scoble talks about the hours he spends each day reading 915(!) feeds. Ok, there are people who only post a couple of articles a week, but there’s also blogs like the excellent MetaFilter that give you between 10 and 20 new stories every day. How much time does it take a person per day to make 1000 decisions like: “Am I going to read this?”, “Should I click on this link?”, “Should I put this in my favourites/blog list/furl list/…?”.

One way to go is to let someone else do the filtering. You could stick to reading 10 blogs that compile the juicy bits. I’ve seen 3 kinds of these aggregated blogs:

I guess we’ll have to wait for someone to combine bayesian or collaborative filtering with a feed aggregator, like Wesner Moise suggests. How could this work?

Let’s see how long it takes before I can say “Told you so”!

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