Just a little lovin’ early in the morning

I have an extensive collection DJ mixes on my hard disk, and a while ago I discovered in one of them a catchy tune. It starts as a laidback (112 BPM) love song, a crooner voice singing “Just a little lovin’, early in the morning, just a little lovin’, early in the day …“. It then turns into a groovy re-edit of the same song, with the voice nicely cut up to match the new tempo (124 BPM). There are some added vocals that are a bit silly (clearly a non-native English speaker), but the chorus is really addictive. For some reason it stayed glued to the back of my head, I caught myself whistling it several times a day. But what was it?

I had no idea in which show/mix tape I heard it, and didn’t see myself browsing through over 100 hours of MP3 and RM files just to find it. Thanks to Google, I quickly found out the new version was created by Irfane (a French DJ and part of Outlines), back in 2003. The original seems to be a Barry Manilow Barry Mann/Cynthia Weill song, performed by great singers like Dusty Springfield and Sarah Vaughan. Apparently clearing the rights on the Springfield performance has proven so difficult that the song is only coming out in March 2005, on Sonar Kollektiv, the Jazzanova record label.

UPDATE: this is the video!

You can also hear it in this mix: MixOfTheWeek #233 (after 44:42).

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  1. As for the just a little lovin track by Irfane, Pete, you have got it wrong.
    He may be French, but he is also American, as is his mother, and his English is definitely native my dear! And it is a great piece!!!

  2. I think its on a Ministry Comp – called Testament of House –

    Souns a little Todd Edwards – but better coz its different !!!!!!

  3. does anywhere know where i can get a recording of sarah vaughan singing “just a little loving” (early in the morning)
    i heard it once years ago and i love that recording. makmak47@aol.com

  4. Just a point of clarification: Just a little lovin’ was not written by Barry Manilow, but the legendary songwriting team of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weill. They have a lengthy list of hits, but this song, as sung by Sarah Vaughan is my favorite. The album from which it originated, Feelings Good, is out of print. No CD was ever created. It’s too bad. I wish I still had a turntable to play the vinyl.

  5. thank you SO MUCH for this post – this song has been haunting me for awhile and I apparently lack your Googling skills.

  6. Hey, Gang. Miracles do happen. Itunes just released Feelin’ Good this past week. The album is worth downloading, but if you must have one song from this collection, it would be “just a Little Lovin'”. For .99, not a bad deal!

  7. thanks, for this post. i have been wondering for like 2 years who produced this little remix. i can’t find them on pandora, so maybe i will actually have to get it on vinyl at dancerecords or something..

  8. Thanks for the support.
    We have a new video of our Listen to the drums track.
    The album will be out in June, with some great features (Beat Assailant, RZA & Abd Al Malik)

  9. Thanks for all the links! This song gets stuck in my head and makes me happy on the regular…. 😀


  10. Does anyone know where to obtain (buy) sheet music or even just the guitar tab for “Just A Little Lovin'” by Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil?

    It was a song recorded by Dusty Springfield, it was the closing song to a movie (don’t know which one) and also was recorded by Carmen McCrea, I think Barbara Steisand and Sarah Vaugh.

    Thanks – desperately searching singer in Auburn, CA Nancy Blue

  11. I also have been looking for the tab or chords for this song(Just A Little Lovin’)and have had no luck. I’m new to guitar playing but here is what i’ve comeup with
    C Am G Em
    Just A Little Lovin’ Early in the morning
    C Am Em G
    Beats a cup of coffee For starting off the day

    Understand that I have a very deep voice so this seems to work for me.

    Enjoy your day, Dan

  12. Cant belive it, but the same thing happened to me and i found this article…i heard the song on ibiza global radio.

    thank you

    marko from slovenia

  13. Hi,
    For those seeking the chords of this wonderful song (Just a little lovin’, Mann / Weill), I’ve spend some time checking out all the chord progressions of Shelby Lynne’s recent and great version (on her tribute album to Dusty Springfield, with the same title as the song). Mail me at db@dirkblanchart.com and I’ll send you the Word-doc with lyrics & chords underneath. It really is a superb tune!
    Grtz, dirk Blanchart
    Gent, Belgium

  14. I’m pretty sure the song you heard was this:
    Selected and Mixed by Fantastic Plastic Machine – Sound Concierge #502 Tell Me2 – Outlines – Just A Lil’ Lovin’

    It’s from this compilation made by Tomoyuki Tanaka (FPM), he mixed it because the outlines version starts without the jazzy rythm, hope you can get it, if you want it drop me a mail and I will send it to you!!

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