MR1200 MP3 Player For DJs

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to beatmix 2 records? Does one actually have to have skills to be a top-notch DJ like Roger Sanchez or Fat Boy Slim?

You don’t have to buy a couple of Technics SL-1200MK2s ($750/piece), but have a try with the neat freeware tool from MonoRAVEIK: the MR1200. A Windows program of only 152 KB(!!) that emulates a 1200 really nicely. Start up 2 of them, drop an MP3 on both, start the first and then try to beatsync the second while the first is playing (even more realistic: play the first song at 110dB and use headphones on one ear to monitor and beatsync the second song). The Nudge/Twist system is not a sensitive as your fingers holding back or speeding up the vinyl, but it will give you a pretty good idea. Give it a spin!

  • Platter behaves exactly like a real record deck – grab it and it stops, pull it backwards and it plays backwards.
  • Platter can also emulate the jog wheel on a CD deck.
  • Vinyl groove simulation for a “picture” of the track – spot those quiet bits!
  • Choice of +8 or +20 pitch control, with separate fine tuning.
  • Nudging and twisting emulation.
  • Real instant start.
  • Cue points.
  • Reverse play.
  • Pitch control inversion.
  • Quartz lock.
  • BPM counter (manual)
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