Luc Van Braekel has developed a service called, to find new emerging ‘hot’ links on the front pages of Belgian blogs. His start database is obviously a big list of URLs of Belgian bloggers. I think that a good additional function of Blogium could be to display a ranking of these, ordered by some kind of meta-calculation over things like: Google Pagerank, #incoming links for all search engines, posting recency/frequency (so deserted blogs disappear from the ranking in time), intra-belgium link traffic, …

Let’s set up a conceptual demo: I take a list of 50 Belgian/Flemish blogs, and use a tool called the ‘Link Popularity Check’ (via Xander) to check the # of incoming links. First some important disclaimers:

  • my tiny list is by no means complete or representative, these are the blogs I know, or that I have come across. Luc’s told me he’s got 10s of thousands blogs in his list, maybe by now already 100s.
  • Incoming links/link popularity is not the only defining criterium one should use to quantify ‘importance’. It was just an easy one to check.
  • URL stuff: because of the way the tool works, I cannot include blogs that don’t have their own domain. Also, links are not the same as links. I typically took the one with the highest numbers, I did not add the numbers.
  • I did not include sites like or, because they are not a blog. No feed, no blog.
  • Some blogs are in English, some in Dutch. If you write in English on topics like web design, and you really know your shit, you might end up a very popular site (as can be witnessed below). If you write in Dutch about fishing shrimp in the North Sea, tough luck.

And the top 25 is:

  1. 149328 hits
    Probably the only shockblog we have that comes close to the Dutch competition (Flabber/VolkomenKut /GeenStijl): naked women and funny movies
  2. 101136 hits
    Veerle’s Blog has the most referenced non-shock blog, with articles on web design and advanced CSS. I knew she was good, but not that she was this good.
  3. 94689 hits
    Wouter is the creator of the Nucleus blog software and has an original visual linkblog called ‘Karma Universe’.
  4. 72984 hits
    Luc Van Braekel, a high profile blogger, is regularly featured in major media
  5. 58162 hits
    If you thought all bloggers liked each other, this blog will prove you wrong.
  6. 55390 hits
  7. 53255 hits
  8. 46926 hits
  9. 44756 hits
  10. 43970 hits
  11. 39429 hits
  12. 38864 hits
  13. 35867 hits
  14. 34047 hits
  15. 31898 hits
  16. 25071 hits
  17. 23684 hits
  18. 22298 hits
  19. 20214 hits
  20. 10637 hits
  21. 9345 hits
  22. 9341 hits
  23. 9086 hits
  24. 8993 hits
  25. 8967 hits

So, this was the first test. I think I’m gonna do a second trial next week. Your suggestions, additions, corrections are welcome at peter.forret _at_ If you, like me, think this could be a nice upgrade to Blogium, leave a note on this blog. If there’s enough interest, I think Luc could be convinced.