Popular Belgian blogs: the preliminary top 25

Luc Van Braekel has developed a service called Blogium.be, to find new emerging ‘hot’ links on the front pages of Belgian blogs. His start database is obviously a big list of URLs of Belgian bloggers. I think that a good additional function of Blogium could be to display a ranking of these, ordered by some kind of meta-calculation over things like: Google Pagerank, #incoming links for all search engines, posting recency/frequency (so deserted blogs disappear from the ranking in time), intra-belgium link traffic, …

Let’s set up a conceptual demo: I take a list of 50 Belgian/Flemish blogs, and use a tool called the ‘Link Popularity Check’ (via Xander) to check the # of incoming links. First some important disclaimers:

And the top 25 is:

  1. www.coolios.net: 149328 hits
    Probably the only shockblog we have that comes close to the Dutch competition (Flabber/VolkomenKut /GeenStijl): naked women and funny movies
  2. veerle.duoh.com: 101136 hits
    Veerle’s Blog has the most referenced non-shock blog, with articles on web design and advanced CSS. I knew she was good, but not that she was this good.
  3. demuynck.org: 94689 hits
    Wouter is the creator of the Nucleus blog software and has an original visual linkblog called ‘Karma Universe’.
  4. lvb.net: 72984 hits
    Luc Van Braekel, a high profile blogger, is regularly featured in major media
  5. www.polskaya.be: 58162 hits
    If you thought all bloggers liked each other, this blog will prove you wrong.
  6. blog.zog.org: 55390 hits
  7. fuckhedz.com: 53255 hits
  8. www.kapingamarangi.be: 46926 hits
  9. www.domilog.be: 44756 hits
  10. www.scene24.net: 43970 hits
  11. www.jahsonic.com: 39429 hits
  12. www.dominiek.be: 38864 hits
  13. www.ruudsdesign.com: 35867 hits
  14. www.eug.be: 34047 hits
  15. www.zattevrienden.be: 31898 hits
  16. www.middernacht.be: 25071 hits
  17. www.internetjournalistiek.be: 23684 hits
  18. pdw.blogspot.com: 22298 hits
  19. huugendruug.blogspot.com: 20214 hits
  20. laartje.skynetblogs.be: 10637 hits
  21. www.baeyens.net: 9345 hits
  22. www.rigoureus.be: 9341 hits
  23. www.alog.be: 9086 hits
  24. ge.bykr.org: 8993 hits
  25. verhelst.blogspot.com: 8967 hits

So, this was the first test. I think I’m gonna do a second trial next week. Your suggestions, additions, corrections are welcome at peter.forret _at_ gmail.com. If you, like me, think this could be a nice upgrade to Blogium, leave a note on this blog. If there’s enough interest, I think Luc could be convinced.

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