Popular Belgian blogs: top 25 v2

The major differences from the first top 25 are:

  • LONGER LIST: I took 100 blogs into account instead of 50 (e.g. I added sites like druppels.be)
  • WEIGHTING: I weighted the results of the search engines, in order to give Google more weight than e.g. Teoma and Altavista. In the previous stats, I used the sum of all hits, now I use the weighted average (so the number is always lower). Altavista is very generous with its presumed #hits, but now only gets a 5% weight. Basically Google gets a 70% weight and the other 6 get 5%. Why? In most of the stats I see (mine, Blogium, LVB, …), search engine related traffic comes primarily from Google.
  • VISITORS: the only way available to me now to estimate the # visitors is through the Alexa Rank (if available). Basically this is a number that tells the traffic ranking of a domain name within all domains on the internet. #1200 means: the 1200th most popular domain name. I did the following funky stuff with it to include it into the calculation: For the 52 blogs where Alexa information was available, if its rank was lower (i.e. better) than the average (about 890.000), I took a scaled log() of the rank that gives a result between 1 and 2: 1 if the Alexa rank is around average, and 2 for the best scoring site (coolios.net, rank #9214). I then multiply the weighted average of the #hits with this Alexa coefficient. In other words, through the Alexa numbers, a hit can count for anything between 1,00 and 1,99 “equivalent hits”. Alexa’s numbers are far from perfect, I know.
  • METHOD: all these statistical formulas and the actual coefficients used have been decided by me. They are just A model, not THE model.

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.
(Benjamin Disraeli)

So here is the 2nd iteration of the top 25 Belgian blogs:

  1. www.coolios.net: 17808 equivalent hits
  2. veerle.duoh.com: 7707 equivalent hits
  3. demuynck.org: 6319 equivalent hits
  4. lvb.net: 5529 equivalent hits
  5. fuckhedz.com: 4623 equivalent hits
  6. www.zattevrienden.be: 4621 equivalent hits
  7. www.druppels.be: 4499 equivalent hits
  8. www.kapingamarangi.be: 4230 equivalent hits
  9. blog.zog.org: 4196 equivalent hits
  10. www.jahsonic.com: 3717 equivalent hits
  11. www.dominiek.be: 3674 equivalent hits
  12. www.polskaya.be: 3495 equivalent hits
  13. www.scene24.net: 3232 equivalent hits
  14. www.domilog.be: 2991 equivalent hits
  15. www.smintjes.be: 2646 equivalent hits
  16. www.ruudsdesign.com: 2261 equivalent hits
  17. www.internetjournalistiek.be: 2052 equivalent hits
  18. www.eug.be: 2043 equivalent hits
  19. pdw.blogspot.com: 2033 equivalent hits
  20. www.sepi.be: 1979 equivalent hits
  21. www.wilt.be: 1940 equivalent hits
  22. www.eskimokaka.be: 1577 equivalent hits
  23. mathibus.com: 1547 equivalent hits
  24. percept.be: 1515 equivalent hits
  25. huugendruug.blogspot.com: 1411 equivalent hits

What I would like to add, but this I would have to code myself then, is #hits in Technorati, Feedster and Bloglines.
Feedback is welcome on peter.forret _at_ gmail.com.

4 thoughts on “Popular Belgian blogs: top 25 v2”

  1. How accurate is that Alexa ranking? As I understand it, Alexa ranking is based on data gathering from the Alexa toolbar that people can install in their browser. But I don’t know many people who have installed that toolbar, at least not in Europe. If you want to boost your Alexa ranking, ask all your friends to install the Alexa toolbar, and ask them to visit your blog or site a few times a day. This will boost your Alexa ranking considerably. Am I right?


  2. Yes, you are right. Especially for the less popular sites (ranking more than 100000) it is possible to influence the ranking by having the toolbar installed by some people and all use the site as the homepage their browser defaults to. Alexa is far from perfect, but better than nothing. That’s why I limit the influence it has on the final result. I also checked that there were no ‘weird’ numbers in the top 25, no site that jumped from #24 to #15 purely by an overestimated Alexa rank.

    Ideally, every blog would have a Nedstat (or CIM/Metriweb) counter and we could compare those visitor numbers.

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