iTunes and ID3 tags

I have a Sony MP-40 car radio that reads CDs with MP3 files. However, since I started using iTunes to create my MP3 CDs, I sometimes seem to lose the ID3 tags (Title/ Artist/ Album). I now know why: iTunes writes ID3v2 tags, and the Sony only handles ID3v1 (MP40 PDF).
Main differences:

There are advantages for both systems:

iTunes actually does the most sensible thing: it prepends ID3v2 tags and uses the ‘padding’ to reserve about 1,6 KB of space. So if new ID3 info has to be added, it can take some of the place reserved by the padding and iTunes only needs to change the first 1,6KB of the file, and leave the rest untouched. This combines the advantages of appending and prepending.

The default location of an ID3v2 tag is prepended to the audio so that players can benefit from the information when the data is streamed. It is however possible to append the tag, or make a prepend/append combination.

Until I change my car stereo, my only option is to change the ID3 format of my files before I burn them to a MP3 CD. iTunes can do this (the ‘Advanced’/’Convert ID3 tags’ option), but it’s still a drag.

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