Bentzon Brotherhood: Rapper’s New Delight

A couple of weeks ago, at a party in Maastricht, I heard a new version of Rapper’s Delight (Sugarhill Gang), a 15-minute funky jazz version with a kick-ass bass. I went to the DJ booth and turned my head at 45RPM so I could read the name of the artist: “Bentzon“. Back home, some elementary Googling later:

Nikolaj Bentzon is Denmarks finest Keyboardist and has played alongside David Sanborn, Van Morrison & Joe Henderson amongst many others. For his debut release on Freestyle Records he teams up with the rhythm section from The Headhunters: Paul Jackson on Bass & Mick Clark on Drums and pays homage to the genius of the Sugarhill Gangs debut release Rappers Delight.

Or here:

Listen to Rapper’s Delight (through Webjay)
A real head-turner, this one. The Bentzon Brotherhood, working around Nicolaj Bentzon’s slick Rhodes and Clavinet manoeuvres, take the Sugarhill Gang’s ‘Rapper’s Delight’ and go all funky and jazzical on its ass.

It is released on a record label without a web site: Freestyle Records:

Freestyle Records is the new label from DJ & promoter at the world famous Jazz Café venue in London, Adrian Gibson

Hear a sample via (RAM) and (MP3) or (MP3).


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