Digital filmmaking: cheaper movies

“Shooting on 35-mm film costs about a dollar a foot,” Bob Harvey, Panavision senior vice president of sales, told Wired News. “A thousand feet for a thousand dollars adds up to about 11 minutes of footage. But about an hour of footage on a Genesis 24P HD, for instance, costs under a hundred dollars.”
from Wired

Kwon estimated that shooting digitally shaved about $150K off the production’s up-front costs such as film stock, dailies, and film-to-tape transfer for off-line, non-linear editing.

And then there’s this movie, shot with the same prosumer camcorder that I have, the Canon XL1s, and blown up to 35mm film from miniDV (720 x 480):
28 Days Later…
Budget: 9 million* Gross (USA): 43.5 million (8/24)


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