Contextual advertising without JavaScript

A recent article on Jensense: Monetizing from those with javascript disabled made me ponder a bit on the possibilities of contextual advertising *without* JavaScript. This would be primarily for places where you cannot add JavaScript (e.g. in RSS feeds, in blog posts). And I think I have found a solution.

Minimal Javascript code for Adsense
<script type="text/javascript"><br /> <!--<br /> google_ad_client = "(publisher-id)";<br /> google_ad_width = (width);<br /> google_ad_height = (height);<br /> google_ad_format = "(format)";<br /> //--><br /> </script><br /> <script type="text/javascript" src="http:// show_ads.js"> </script>

How does Adsense work?
To use Adsense now, you need to embed a piece of JavaScript code into your HTML pages. The first part sets your personal ID and the look and feel of your ads. The second part is a link to a piece of code that Google constructs on-the-spot. They can take into account:

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