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Just received a sweet little email from self-proclaimed “professional communicator” Jody Robb, about a free RGB-2-CMYK converter tool of mine:

From: Jody Robb [mailto:jr@***]
Subject: Poxy program

I wasted ten minutes on your poxy program. If you�re gonna put stuff up on the net, make sure it works, arsehole.

People like you who waste other people�s time and resources to show off are the slime in the gutter of the internet.

Jody Robb
Digital Media Producer/Consultant
(…) Australia

followed by an email 5 minutes later: “It does work but you’re still a fuckwit”.

You make us non-professional communicators blush, Jody!


3 thoughts on “Professional Communicator”

  1. I didn’t know there was a Tourette for written word …

    Actually it’s a guy of about 50.
    I won’t link to his site (he scores very poorly in Google, and I’m not gonna help him with that), but this is from the “About” page:
    Communication has been the focus of my entire professional life, for almost 30 years now.
    Since first beginning a journalism cadetship, in 1972, I have helped people and organisations share their ideas with the world.
    Written word, spoken word, still pictures, moving pictures – they are all tools to convey ideas.
    My Motto: Choose the right tools & use them well – communicate effectively

    But hey, look at it from the bright side: I learned a new word: “poxy“.

  2. I realy had a good laugh with this. Euh, what’s the meaning of the word ‘proffesional’? 🙂

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