Google introduces music search

When a user enters a music-related search in Google search box, the resulting search returns information about the artist, a few albums and a picture, when available, above the standard search results.

Let’s show you what that looks like.

SERP with music results

One does a search on “Harry Connick Jr” (it works with “Britney Spears” too):
google music search

SERP focused on artist

When you click on the “Harry Connick Jr.” title, you go to a precompiled artist page on that lists the albums of the artist (and where to buy them on iTunes, Amazon MSN …) , songs and – the MPA will love this – lyrics!! (e.g. “It had to be you” lists three sites that have the lyrics of this classic).
google music search 3

SERP for music (artists/albums)

When you click on the “More music results for harry connick jr”, you go to
Again, the albums, songs and artists that are most relevant for this search. Google even tracks on what albums a certain song is featured. Nice!
google music search 2


A nice addition to the Google search capabilities, but nothing revolutionary.

Remark: this is only music search;, not audio search as I talked about last year.


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