RAD frameworks: development bliss in 20 min or less

Ruby On Rails started a nice trend: post a screencast of 20 minutes or less where a (gifted) developer starts and finishes a simple development task (build a blog software, build a wiki, …). It gives a feeling of how much coding is still involved and how much the framework does for you. I collected some screencasts in the following playlist: RAD Framework Screencasts (Webjay).
These are the fancy ones:

Ruby language

Develop blog application in 15 minutes (QuickTime MOV)
Develop Flickr tag search application in 5 minutes (QuickTime MOV)</dl>

Python language

Develop blog application in 7 minutes (QuickTime MOV)
Develop wiki application in 20 minutes (QuickTime MOV)

PHP language

Qcodo (thx, Pascal!)
Build an issue tracking system in 15 minutes (Flash Video)
Extend the issue tracking system (Flash video)


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