Magnus: Jumpneedle drummers

I was checking out the Deus website to see if their new video for the Pocket Revolution album was already online (a friend of mine, Sachli, is playing in it with four other cute girls).
There was a link to another Tom Barman project, Magnus, and I remembered being an ‘extra’ in one of the music videos Tom directed for “Jumpneedle”. The official Magnus site only has a 1-minute excerpt, but I did find a full version on So where am I?

I’m the one on the right, with the blue drumkit.

La petite histoire

Tom Barman had asked on Studio Brussel that he was looking for 40 drummers for a music video, and I called in to say I would be there. I also invited Teun Verbruggen, who I knew through Muzikant-zoekt-muzikant, and we spent half a day in Antwerp shooting the 5 seconds of video with 38 other drummers. (Check the video around 2:45)

The video

The whole video is about a dream of a guy entering a sleazy motel and doing some kinky stuff with women in underwear (now there’s an unusual dream) and features Tom Barman himself, CJ Bolland, Mauro Pawlowski, Kim Peers, Zohra, Tim Van Hamel en Peter Vermeersch.


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