Geek love checklist

Two geek girls ‘in the know’ have just published their “top 10 reasons to date a geek“, which can also be read as: 10 indicators to check if you’re a real geek.

First one is Maryam, Robert Scoble’s wife. I met her briefly when the Scobleizer visited Brussels in December, but I had no chance to talk to her since I had to leave early, and she was totally absorbed by Coolz0r. She struck me as a much warmer and kinder person than the ‘materialistic’ list below would suggest.

1) He can fix your computer
2) He has friends who can fix your computer
3) He can hook up the TV, connect the DVD player and Tivo your favorite programs
4) He has friends who can hook up the TV, connect the DVD player …
5) He can fix your friends’ computers
6) He’ll make you shine every where you go (basically because he has no sense of style)
7) Your geek will give you the hottest techie gadgets
8) Your geek will worship the ground you walk on
9) He won’t cheat on you either
10) Did I mention he can fix your computer ???
(for details, check maryamie)

Let’s say I score a 8/10 on this one.

And then Tara from Riya whom I met at LesBlogs and is a real girl geek (clever, witty and always wireless connected to something):

Picture from Tara @ Flickr

  1. They want the best new the best and biggest of everything
  2. They order stuff online
  3. There are multiple ways to ‘connect’ with a geek
  4. Not only can they ‘fix’ stuff, but they can teach you to fix stuff
  5. You always know what your geek is up to
  6. You can do a full-on background check of him very easily
  7. When they do dress up, they’re so hot
  8. Geeks try a little harder
  9. Geeks are more patient
    (for details, check

Here I definitely score somewhere between 9 and 10.

And via tangogarden I found this very funny list Emily Hambidge wrote in June 2005 about her Apple/Ruby developer boyfriend:

Picture from Emily @ Flickr

  1. When projects have a deadline approaching, all plans are tentative.
  2. Your body/sex appeal are nothing compared to the power of a processor.
  3. You will NEVER be the Apple of his eye.
  4. Profanity is his friend.
  5. If you love him you will be standing by with a lot of caffeine.
  6. There is no rest for the weary.
  7. Rubies and Pearls are not what you think.
  8. One screen is never enough.
  9. if (loveBoyfriend = 1 ) {learn();}
  10. There is nothing like being the one there when he completes something new.
    (for details, check
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