The Top 10 Reasons Why Web 2.0 is Like Disco

White suit

#1: Feels great, but don’t want any pictures caught doing it.
#2: Nobody quite sure what it is, but everyone wants to try.
#3: First learned how to do it at [foo | bar | summer] camp.
#4: Lots of parties, alcohol, and women with big hair.
#5: Can fool most people if you can just do [ajax | the hustle].
#6: More about having fun than doing something useful.
#7: Open source, free love, & fashion from the 70’s.
#8: People are remixing it all the time.
#9: More popular it gets, more people trash it, more popular it gets.
and last but not least:
#10: Done best when you don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks.

You weren’t around in the seventies? No idea what the cultural significance of Saturday Night Fever is? Find out what you missed on Wikipedia or Jahsonic!


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