Blogger snafu: emergency migration to WordPress

One of the reasons why I have been posting less the last couple of days, is because I was working on a migration from Blogger to WordPress. I was still working out some DNS stuff (don’t let me get into that, it’s complicated stuff , to do with how Bluehost‘s -my hosting provider- DNS management works).

So I was just writing a piece on how Google bought Writely with my w.bloggar local client, and when I publish I get an error: “Post was saved as draft, please log in to to publish it“. Weird, never have that normally. Anyway, I log in, get the Blogger CAPTCHA ‘word verification’ box and I publish. But I see no changes on I publish again. Nothing. Then I click the ‘View Blog’ tab in my Blogger interface. This is what I see:

Blogger Fuck-up

Somewhat startled I dive into my Blogger interface again and the damage is as follows:

Blogger Fuck-up

Instead of putting effort into restoring my Blogger set-up, I’ve decided to switch as of now to my new WordPress set-up. Unfortunately this means I have to change my URL to . This totally sucks, I know. The URLs should be redirected to their new locations, and I might switch back to the old URL once I figure it all out. For now, here I am, bigger, better and quite pissed at Google/Blogger.

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