1969 was an inspiring year

69 Année Heroique
Russell Lichter writes the Monthly Mix Challenge blog: interesting monthly lists of songs on particular themes: e.g. titles with the word ‘hate’ in them or female drummers (that I mentioned earlier).

At the end of last year he listed songs with a title that contains a year (number). And it appears my birth year was most inspiring:

  1. “Born in ‘69” Rocket From the Crypt (1995)
  2. “Death Valley ‘69” Sonic Youth (1985)
  3. “69 Année Erotique” Serge Gainsbourg (1969)
  4. “1969” The Stooges (1969)
    from russlichter.com

That is, without even counting Brian Adams’ “Summer of ‘69”, The Vines’ “1969” or The Sisters Of Mercy’s “1969”.
However, I’m not sure whether Fat Boy Slim’s “Star 69” was actually about the year.

“They know what is what,
But they don’t know what is what,
They just strut.
What the …”

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