Barcamp Brussels: less than a month to go

Some more details on the Barcamp event of May 20th:


Barcamp Brussels is a free conference where all attendees must also contribute. Topics concern the influence of technology upon daily life. All attendees should list their names here. A (non-exhaustive) list of topics is constructed here.


  • speaking slots will be 30 minutes each. So a presentation should last between 20-25 minutes. We’ll probably start around 10h till 12h and again from 14h to 18h. (10 slots per room)
  • speaking style can be: regular presentation (Powerpoint/Keynote style), demo (on-line or off-line), moderated discussion (topic is suggested and crowd can join in)
  • everyone should do a presentation, help with someone else’s presentation, do a audio/video podcast of presentations or participate in some other way
  • you do not have to be the world’s authority to speak about something. It can be an unusual hobby, an positive experience or just a crazy idea. If you don’t like to talk, do something with videos (“Computers in 20 years of Hollywood movies”), music (“Feminism in the MTV era”) or images (“Famous newspaper images you thought were real”).


  • I suggest the following ‘tracks’: Geeky / CMS / Blogosphere / Photography / Audio / Video / Marketing track. You can already list the topic of your presentation(s) on the wiki page.
  • Just at the risk of repeating myself: not all topics are technical. No one will validate your CSS when you come in, or ask you to explain Einstein’s relativity theory. If, however, you have no experience with email and have never heard of ‘Google’, this day might be of little interest to you.
  • You will be able to indicate your presentation on a whiteboard when you arrive. If you want to have a good spot, come early.
  • Topics I would like to see presented: making music with Ableton Live/Garageband – blind surfing: accessibility check-up encoding video for the iPod/PSP – original viral campaigns – statistics/history of Belgian blogosphere – Photoshop demo – theory and practice of the RAW image format – the 20 memes you should know about – psychology of the blogger – remake Cinebel/IMDB site with RubyOnRails in 15 minutes – podcast legislation in Belgium and Europe …
    There’s plenty of interesting stuff we all know too little about. Join in, show us what stuff is going on in your mind and surprise us!

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