Barcamp Brussels: get ready!

Barcamp Brussels
Those of you that will join us on Barcamp Brussels, these is what you need to do to prepare yourselves:

  • your talk should be shorter than 30 minutes, aim for 15-25 minutes. So no reading 50 slides! It will take you maybe 5 minutes to explain your topic, which leaves you with 15 minutes of talking or conversation. If you finish early, no one will mind. In the other case, someone from the organisation will stop you just before the lynching starts.
  • check what you need to bring: it might be just a Powerpoint on a USB stick, or your laptop with a preconfigured list of bookmarks (step 1, step 2, …) or just a blank piece of paper.
  • your itinerary: if you’re driving, check How to get there, if you want to car-pool, check the Car pooling page.
  • we would like you to arrive between 9h and 9h30, so you have time to fill in your slot and enjoy a coffee

Detailed schedule of the day here!

If you’re coming: is your name on the attendee list (if it’s not, there might not be enough food for you)? is your talk on the topic list?

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