Barcamp Brussels: when the day is done

And what a day it was! It went by in a rush, without any major mishaps and with lots of smiling people all around. Me, I just ran around on adrenaline and cafeine (probably equal parts), while catching only the occasional 5 minutes of a speech here and there. But at the end of the day: it was a great atmosphere with lots of interesting topics and charming people eager to learn and share. It was everything I hoped it would be, so I’m a happy man.

What do we have to show for it:

As you can see, organizing this event was tremendous fun:
Peter & Ine
I have to thank Bart VH for co-organizing and helping us get that fancy location. I have to thank Ilse J, Simon M and Jo W for sponsoring food and drinks, and Bart B/Clo W for sponsoring even more (including the must-have T-shirts). Thanks to Clo and Ine for helping me welcome the attendees and making everyone feel at home. Thanks to Alice, Irene, Annita, Kora, Thomas, Maarten, Bert, Stephanie, Bart D, Tanguy for making special efforts and to every attendee for their good mood and open spirit. Bart D already pointed out some things we can improve the next time and we welcome all remarks.

So, after all that talking, let me remind you of the words of a former CEO of mine: “Don’t just dream about it, eh, just do it!

💬 Belgium 💬 Brussel