First RubyOnRails seminar @ I.T.Works

RubyOnRailsI.T.Works, one of Belgiums leading technical training organisers, has cooked up its first RubyOnRails seminar on Thursday July 6th. Alain Ravet and Werner Ramaekers, both experienced Rails developers, will talk about the advantages of this application development framework.

If you want to understand the logic behind “convention over configuration”, “flexibility is over-rated”, “constraints are liberating” or even “PHP is the devil; Ruby on Rails is the angel”(*): be sure to attend and learn why RoR is so successfull. I, for one, was already quite thrilled to discover Python some years ago, but getting to know RubyOnRails has been a way more exciting experience. It really lets you do cool stuff in less than 15 minutes (see numerous screencasts). Also, if you want to meet some of the early adopters (developers as well as agencies) of RoR in Belgium, the seminar is a good place to start. I will also be there!

💬 Belgium