Netgear SC101: crappy storage

UPDATE: also read my post about testing the Netgear ReadyNAS (it doesn’t suck)
Storage porn

In my continuing quest for more and better storage, I have taken the following path:

  • Maxtor 5000DV, 120GB USB/Firewire, bought in 2003. Was dependable for 3 years (warranty period: 2 years) but has crashed a couple of times since (with data loss)
  • LaCie Porsche, 160GB USB, bought in 2004. Worked OK for 2 years (warranty period: 2 years) but has crashed a couple of times since (with data loss)
  • Iomega Desktop hard drive, 250GB 100Mb Ethernet, bought in 2005. Hasn’t broken down yet, but makes way too much noise (loud ventilator, running continuously).
  • Netgear SC-101, 2x300GB Ethernet, bought in 2006. Supports RAID-1 mirroring, which I needed after all my hard disk crashes. For my less-than-optimal experience, read on.


Netgear Zetera, 2 x 300GB
I bought the Netgear/Zetera device after positive reviews on sites like The Zetera software converts network-attached drives into virtual SCSI drives that can be mirrored (RAID-1) or spanned (not striped). In theory, one could put, say, 4 devices in a network with 2 x 500GB each and have a 4TB spanned T: drive.

So, I buy it with 2 x 300GB drives, pop them into the toaster, start it up, and create 2 virtual drives: 1 mirrored 200GB drive “MIRROR” for my music (backup of my CDs and a lot of podcasts) and the rest into a 180GB spanned volume “MOVIES”. First surprise: the Zetera software requires a (Windows only) driver on each computer that will access the data. I run 2 Windows machines, so that’s not really an issue, but if you’re on MacOSX, you would need 1 Windows station to manage the Netgear data and expose as a regular SMB volume: meaning double network traffic for each write/read operation. This is what my Netgear GUI shows: 10 new IP addresses.
Netgear IP addresses

I then start copying my music and movies over to the new drive. Copying 200GB of data at 45GB/h max (or some 30GB/h realisticly): it took a while, but at least my data is safe. Or so I thought. Every time you start the GUI, a popup appears with “Do you want to look for upgrades?”. At some point I’m thinking, “Hey, why not” So I upgrade the drivers on my desktop, and my laptop. Bad idea. To my amazement, I only have one drive anymore: “MOVIES”. The MIRROR drive has disappeared. I rerun the utility to attach all drives: “No drives available to attach”. This is where I get worried.

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Netgear SC101- drive lost
Video sent by pforret

On the former Netgear forum, this is a known error, which sometimes can be fixed by erasing something in the registry, re-attaching the drives, fixing the drive letter and a fair amount of praying. Why do I say “former Netgear forum”:
Netgear forum: so long and thanks for all the fish
“As a result of the popularity”… Yeah, right.

To cite the Google cache before it disappears:

Just solved the problem of a lost drive after hybernate or reboot i.e. laptop (Win XP Home SP2) could not see a shared drive, but other PCs still could. And, I could not reattach (even after detaching) the lost drive using the SC utility.

These problems appear to be fully resolved by this sequence:
Step (1) – clean lost drive from the registry as follows (found by NetDr:)
“I believe the problem here stems from another entry in the registry that is showing the drive mounted already….
Click on each key below the Client Key and see if the drive that you are trying to mount already co-exist? If so, remove that key only and reboot then remount the drive of choice in the SCM Mananagement software. Example: If you are trying to mount a drive named SC101 and you know it’s not mounted already, yet you see a key in the registry path mentioned above then Windows thinks that you aleady mounted that drive and you must remove it to trick windows into believing that the drive is not mounted so that you can RE-MOUNT the drive again. ”

Step (2) – Apply static drive letter as follows: (found by pslizard)
1) Rightclick My Computer
2) Click Manage
3) Click Disk Management
4) Rightclick on san drive and click Change Driveletter and Paths..
Cheers, SCuser

I also find a similarly disappointed customer at

4 hours and one new DHCP lease later…. I came across the “No drives available to attach” message when I found that my newly created SC101 partitions had magically “disappeared” from My Computer on all 3 of my PCs. The NSLU2 gave me the option to configure either a static or Dynamic IP address so why couldn’t the SC101?

Another 2 hours of head scratching and questioning my technical ability I was led to the drive letter issue in these forums. Reading post after post of SC101 owners losing way too much hair in their youth trying to get the SC101 to work got me a little concerned. Although I decided to persist and not be detered as I was going to make this solution work considering that I had a lot of hair to lose.

Netgear tech support

So I decided to register the product on the Netgear support site and call for some technical support. When advised to use the command-line tool “ut” to check the storage device, I get:
TOTAL(MB): 286184 # PARTITIONS : 2
FREE (MB): 78
15BC34B2-E41D-11DA-88C9-0001804AA8BF MIRROR 204800
8622F1B4-E41D-11DA-88C9-0001804AA8BF MOVIES 81306
TOTAL(MB): 286184 # PARTITIONS : 2
FREE (MB): 78
15BC34B2-E41D-11DA-88C9-0001804AA8BF.m1 MIRROR 204800
8622F1B4-E41D-11DA-88C9-0001804AA8BF.s1 MOVIES 81306
2 MicroSan found within subnet

So the partition “MIRROR” is still there, I just can’t get at it. Some consolation. Last thing I heard from Netgear (B.P. Moelker – NETGEAR Support Nederland) was June 29th. If this doesn’t get solved fast enough, I might become a very vocal unhappy customer!

UPDATE: my problem was solved as follows:
I got a reply from Tech Suppport with following suggestions:
1) try removing 1 of the 2 disks, and mount the remaining half of the mirror as a drive
=> that didn’t work, couldn’t mount that mirror half
2) try to change the attributes for the mirrored partitions to “02 00 02″ for middle part and “0A” for the last but one byte.
(see )
=> that worked! I changed
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 01 00 00 00 08 1D to: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 02 00 00 00 0A 1D and
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 02 00 00 00 09 06 to: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 02 00 00 00 0A 06.
I could mount the mirrored partition, I copied all data from it, I removed the 2 x 100GB mirror partition and created a spanned 200GB partition. No need for the false security feeling of a mirror when you’re not sure it’s gonna be there tomorrow.

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  1. Ik veronderstel dat je grootste bekommernis het recupereren van data is.

    Ik zou alvast je mirror breken, een disk eruit halen. Als je dan iets verknoeid heb je nog een tweede kans via de mirror. Uiteindelijk is het daarvoor dat het ding dient.

    Heb je al eens geprobeerd die disk rechtstreeks te mounten in je computer?

  2. 3: this drive uses a partition not recognised by windows without the software that comes with the unit. This means that you cannot just disconnect the drive out of the unit and put it into a standard windows 2000 or xp and read the contents.

    (from amazon)

  3. Just lost my drives today, got 3 back but 1 just doesn’t want to play. When I try to attach it I get ‘Drive already attached to some PC’ but it isn’t. The only difference was that this one had a password (which you can’t reset by the way). What fun

  4. Ha! I had problems with the LaCie Porshe aswell! I broke it open, got me an ICY box and put it in there. Haven’t had any problems with it since.

  5. Hi,

    I too have had trouble with losing data on an SC101 and not being able to re-attach to a partition, even though the name can be seen.

    did you ever find a way to get them back ? if so, please can you email me and tell me how ?

    Once I get my data back, I am going to get rid of this Netgear SC101, it has been nothing but trouble !

    My advise to anyone else out there who reads this… avoid the Netgear SC101 liek the plague ! there are much better NAS solutions out there if you pay a little more money. Sometimes , cheapest is not always the best in the long term, especially once you consider how much tima (and money) you can lose trying to fix problems when things go wrong.

  6. Hi! Great website!! I too have just purchased an SC101. What a dog!! I have 2 hard drives and 7 partitions. I’ve lost 2 of them but the “ut_full” utility and I can see all 7 partitions. I have tried everything to get this working to no avail!!!

    One of the lost partitions has some valuable info on it and I need to recover it.

    Have you any advice??

    Thank you

    Steve Blair

  7. I got a reply from Tech Suppport with following suggestions:
    1) try removing 1 of the 2 disks, and mount the remaining half of the mirror as a drive
    => that didn’t work, couldn’t mount that mirror half

    2) try to change the attributes for the mirrored partitions to “02 00 02” for middle part and “0A” for the last but one byte.
    (see )
    => that worked! I changed
    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 01 00 00 00 08 1D to:
    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 02 00 00 00 0A 1D and
    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 02 00 00 00 09 06 to:
    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 02 00 00 00 0A 06.

    I could mount the mirrored partition, I copied all data from it, I removed the 2 x 100GB mirror partition and created a spanned 200GB partition. No need for the false security feeling of a mirror when you’re not sure it’s gonna be there tomorrow.

  8. Might have found the answer!! Are any of you using Daemon tools?

    Daemon tools uses a virtual SCSI adaptor (similar to the SC101 app). Try unistalling Daemon and then uninstalling and reinstalling the SC101 software – worked for me!!

  9. To all of you who have purchased this product and have the ability to return it… I seriously suggest you return it! I have had my unit for over 6 months, and this unit is a piece of sh!t! I have 1 300GB drive in the unit with 2 partitions on it, 1 spanned partition because I added space to it, which really means there are 3 partitions on it. The spanned partition I can no longer access any of the data on that “drive”. The software says it attached fine, but in My Computer, I cannot access the drive at all! I suggest we all get together and file a class-action lawsuit against Netgear for this product, since it absolutely does not work!

  10. Just experienced a similar problem where my single mirrored partition disappeared. I just followed the guide above to removing the client drive from the registry which worked fortunately.

  11. Does anyone know of a way to keep the SC101 from going to sleep? I use to run KeepAwake (a utility a member of the former Netgear forum wrote) but Netgear apparently disabled the KeepAwake functionally in one of their firmware “updates”. ARG! So now the @#$%#@ toaster goes to sleep …. which plays havoc with some of my apps. Also if somebody knows of a way to bypass the SCM format and re-format the SC101 drives to a NTFS format …. please let me know. Thanks!

  12. I just purchased the SC101 about a month ago. Working perfectly fine until one day, poof, gone from my network. After trials and tribulations of about a week of thinking I lost all my precious data, i managed to get it to reconnect about 30 minutes ago and it’s fine. Here’s some suggestions when you think it’s all lost:

    1) DON’T Mirror, DON’T SPan.
    1.1) if you have two 400 gig drives in there like I do, make them both 400 gig spaces.

    I needed mirroring, so I have Drive L as a 400 Gig Drive, and drive M as a 400 gig drive. I named L Main and M named Backup of Main.

    2) Do NOT Share. Only have One computer Which you wish to have primary access to your SC101 set up access to it.
    2.1) I have my wife’s computer (which is better than mine /cry) access both drives on the SC101. She then shares out L as a share that all of our computers can access. Peridiocally (i can’t spell) she or I will go to the computer, copy the data from L to M. THus L amd M are kept identical about every Week.

    Now, i know this isn’t the superb Mirroring and easy safe data backup that we’d like, but it is reliable at this point. But more importantly it’s a Ghetto Redneck Poor Man’s Network Sans.

    Tips and Tricks:
    To Recover/Attack to a Drive that you truly believe is lost, Don’t Fret… Pull out some hair, punch your cat, and get drunk. Come back 2 days later, and get ready to work.

    First, obtain a copy of ut_full from netgear ( is where i got mine.

    Now, their instructions SUCK!!!! Here are the Real Instructions:

    A) open command prompt (i.e. start > run > type: cmd > press enter)
    B) navigate to where you saved ut_full (i recommend your c:… if so, type cd)
    C) type ut_full listall
    you will get something ilke the following back:
    Version : 4.19.0 BooT IP Addr:
    Total(mb): 388476 # of Partitions: 1
    FREE (MB): 0
    Partion LABEL Address Size
    e2793566-85f3-11da-9166-00c09f5123448 LEO 388476

    D) NOW, this is important. There are IP Addresses all over the Place. Find the One that is right for you. here is how:
    D1) ut_full getpart address1 address2 password
    D1.1) for example: ut_full myKewlPassword
    d1.2) keep trying this until you get the following:
    Username: LEO (this is your partition Label from above)
    Unique Name: e2793566-85f3-11da-9166-00c09f5123448 (This is the Partion numbers from above)
    Read Token: myKewlPassword
    Write Token: myKewlPassword
    Attribute: A BUNCH OF NUMBERS SUCH AS: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 01 00 00 00 0a 06

    E) Now, let’s make this baby work.
    E1) execute the following: ut_ful newattr ipaddress_from_above_that_worked ipaddress_two_from_Above_that_Worked your_password_that_worked
    E2) next, you will get Imput new attribute and a bunch of numbers such as 00 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 AA BB CC DD EE FF
    E2.1) under which, type the following combination of numbers: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 01 00 00 00 Number_From_Above Number_FromAbove

    Now Example:
    My Attribute Returned: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 01 00 00 00 0a 06
    input new attribute: 00 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 AA BB CC DD EE FF
    I would type in : 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 01 00 00 00 0a 06

    HOWEVER, if for example, the following were returned instead:
    Username: LEO (this is your partition Label from above)
    Unique Name: e2793566-85f3-11da-9166-00c09f5123448 (This is the Partion numbers from above)
    Read Token: myKewlPassword
    Write Token: myKewlPassword
    Attribute: A BUNCH OF NUMBERS SUCH AS: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 02 00 00 00 0F 3B

    My Attribute Returned: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 02 00 00 00 0F 3B
    input new attribute: 00 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 AA BB CC DD EE FF
    I would type in : 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 01 00 00 00 0F 3B

    F) now, the happy part: you should see the following:
    Username: LEO (this is your partition Label from above)
    Unique Name: e2793566-85f3-11da-9166-00c09f5123448 (This is the Partion numbers from above)
    Read Token: myKewlPassword
    Write Token: myKewlPassword
    Attribute: A BUNCH OF NUMBERS SUCH AS: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 02 00 00 00 0F 3B
    target busy, retrying …
    target busy, retrying …
    target busy, retrying …
    writePartInfo : timeout, Partition not Found

    Right when it says writePartitionInfo : timeout, partition not found, the SC101 HD light will light up, it will make a funky sound like it’s deleting your hard drive or something and scare you.
    NOW, you should be at a command prompt again. This is where you run your STorage Central Manager. Use the wizard to attach to the drive again.
    Boom, all your data should be there!!! WOOOT.
    Now, if you were originally intending to do mirroring? Create a 2nd drive with the unalocated space of the 2nd drive. OR, repeat the steps to renable your mirror / 2nd drive and attach to it again. and from then on, simply manually copy/backup the data.

  13. the important numbers in the string of numbers:
    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 01 00 00 00 0F 3B

    are the LAST TWO and setting the 88 and AA to 01 and 01

  14. What a crock of horsemanure… I just attached a 2nd small drive to the little pig and all it does is showing me that both 80Gig-drives have got 1.5Gig free space. All files gone… Cool, thanks Netgear…

  15. I echo the comment…”return it while you have the chance”..better yet don’t buy it in the first place (except mine which will probably go on e bay)
    Haven’t had the mirroring problems, etc others have described. My problem is in copying files to the sc101. Seem to take avi’s ok, but when it comes to jpeg out. Ive done some experimenting. can copy 1-9 files without incident. as soon as i try to copy 10 or more the system seems to “freeze”. Disk lite stayes almost steady on for about 5 minutes, then completes copy. If i try to copy say, a couple of hundred jpgs, it is not unusual to get the blue screen of death. Have tried changing nic speeds, firewall on, firewall off, norton on, norton off.
    Been in contact with the netgear no-help desk.
    Fortunatly bought it in a bundle with 2 500g drives, so if I drive a stake through it i will still about break even. That doesn’t count enough time invested to obtain a degree in computer science though.
    thanks for the rant.

    JUST DON’T BUY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. also a shame that will only work on the one subnet, the box indicates it supports TCP/IP, but that does not mean you can route to it from another subnet and you have to use the software provided – not impressed at all and not disk issues yet.

  17. Q1: Hey, my SC101 (3 partitions all mirrored (250 GB of data mirrored over 2 x 250 gb drives) freezes the “My Computer” windows in XP for some reason, I can access the drive by “my documents” then a drop down to the drive on the listing.. any thoughts as to how to get “my computer” not to freeze?

    The SC101 truly “doth su*k the devils c*ck” but I am stuck with it after all this investment

    Q2: Any idea the time delay before the drives “sleep”?

  18. Having utilised yout keepawake script it seems as if “my computer” is still replaced by the flashing red light on the TOASTER for that is official nickname for the beast!!!!!

    A cure for this would be wonderful, however since I am a geologist / road safety professional and not an I.T. Guru you will have to be gentle with me 😉

  19. #8

    “Might have found the answer!! Are any of you using Daemon tools?”

    I too think that this program and other like alcohol 120% would causes all of these issues

    I removed the Netgear Utility & reinstalled it after removing alcohol 120%, drives were refound, problem solved 🙂

  20. Help!!!
    I’ve got a sc101 with two drives in ntfs mode (remember converting the unit from san to nas?).
    Well the winxp PC the sc101 was attached to has died and now I need to reinstall winxp, but if I do so the two drives inside the sc101 won’t be seen anymore (they’re effectively local ntfs logical partitions).

    So I think I’m screwed here…….


  21. I did not lose data but a hell of a lot of time with this crappy product. I will never ever buy any products from netgear. Their software is too buggy.

  22. Just got DHCP working and programmed into the Cisco PIX unit, The SC101 captured .133 and I’ve installed the software.

    Problem comes up on Windows 2000 -> ZNS driver needs software to load….

    Anywaon come up with this ? Anyway call me if you have any idea about this so called “Driver” which isn’t on the CD that came with the software…. 866-295-0581 – Walter

  23. I bought one of these back in January of this year and I can say I’m NOT pleased with it. The tech support sucks, the documentation sucks, and the performance SUCKS.
    I have 20 IP’s available on my internal network and it continues to steal addresses when they become available. Eventually it will take them all and the router will crash. Releasing the addresses from the router does nothing because it will steal them again as soon as it powers back up. The only way to resolve it is to leave it unplugged for a day or so.
    I have two drives in it, one 350 gb, and a 400 gb. No mirror, no raid, nothing but a single volume for each physical drive. They drives constantly drop off. One was renamed through the utility and continues to swap names back and forth whenever it feels like it.
    I’ve been fiarly happy with other NetGear products, but this one sucks. Don’t buy it. I’m slowly moving data off onto another machine. Halloween is coming…. I think I’m going to sacrifice it in a bonfire.

  24. Hi

    same – bad – experience here: Bought SC-101 just 2 weeks ago. Equipped it with 1x 250 GB.
    I created 2 drives –
    1x exchange : share data between lan computers
    1x backup : used “smartsync pro” (which seems to be a great product btw) which came with the netgear.
    a) I was unable to backup “my documents” (100.000 files, 13.000 folders).
    I then deleted about 64.000 files from “my documents” and copied the rest to the “backup”-drive. (took hours!). Then I decided differently and started to delete the complete “my documents” from the backup with “del *.* /s /f /q” (

  25. I have all the similar problems as you guys, or should I say had. I got a SC101 with 1xST400Gb and 1x200GB Maxtor, filled with media, I have 4 PCs on my LAN, all connected to the SC101. I have tested all you say and called tech support several times demanding them to take back this shitty product but they keep saying “No”.

    Last night I got so sick of the “No driver to attach” message which comes once and a while and it takes from 10 minutes to an hour to fix/computer… So.. last night I got the SC101 discs up and running on one PC and copied to data to a bunch of old, smaller, HDDs. I pulled out my old P3-700 computer, put in the 2 discs from the SC101, created new paritions and copied back all data… That old P3-700 will now act “server” at my place.

    I will go to a friend of mine this weekend to get even with the SC101,.. He’s got a shotgun and I am gonna have some fun

  26. I wish I found this web page 6 months ago! That’s when I bought the toaster, thinking it might be a good solution (as one of my customers also has one). I put two 300GB drives on it (and being an idiot that I am!), copied all my data (150GB worth of historical data) onto the 300GB mirrored drive. It all worked fine (almost) until yesterday.

    Now, the story: The drive dropped off the network, so I restarted the Zetera service on my computer (which usually fixes the problem). This time it didn’t, and when I checked the SCM this morning, there are NO drives to attach, NO drives to set up, NO free space, and of course NO MORE 150GB of my DATA!

    I have physically detached one of the drives and tried to “manage a broken mirror” but no good.

    I read this page, but the solutions only address the problem when drive attachments fail, not when the entire drive has disappeared. And I know I can’t hook the hard drives onto a computer to recover the data (because the file system is different).

    If ANYONE has any idea on how to retrieve my data, I will owe you BIG time!!!! This also has my wife’s stuff on it, so you can imagine the pain I’m going through at the moment!

    Thanks in advance.

    Si Thu

    (I also have a Netgear WGT624 wireless router, perhaps I should reconsider!)

  27. I have a SC101 (i do not like it), and i deleted som files from it, now i like to recover them, do’s any one know how to?

    I did not know from the begining, that SC101 did not use a standart harddisk format like fat32/ntft, ext3. And not a standars tcp/ip connetion to it!!!
    If u are reading this and do not have a SC101, do not buy it.

  28. I purchased two of the sc101 units and 4 320G drives to fill them with a few days ago. Let me re-iterate – Don’t buy these pieces of crap!@ My life has been hell trying to set up a DHCP server, copy files to a mirror, and having my windows XP lock up every time I try to move more than a few MB at a time.
    Even as I type this message, I am certain that if I open the “my computer” icon, my OS will hang. What good is a NAS device if you can’t populate it with files, data, programs, or general information? I haven’t rebooted so frequently since windows 3.1!

    I thought the problem would be solved when I realized I had pinched the drive cables when putting the front cover back on the units. Nope! The damn things just seem to fall asleep in the middle of doing work. They are not even hot!
    Warm, yes, but not even compared to clothes fresh from the dryer.

    Before I get too far down the path with these, I personally will take the advice I have read. I am defragging the internal drives my data was removed from, copying everything back, and sticking the physical disks in a linux box to become my file server. True TCP/IP, NFS, SMB, even ftp or http based service if needed for LAN/WAN sharing. It has been less than 10 days. I wonder if or netgear will be refunding me. I hope I can also use credit card buyer protection. Wish me luck.

    If you are considering one of these Netgear SC101 units…
    STOP! Look away. Turn around, and RUN as fast as you can.

  29. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Oh God Thank you!
    I’m going to run as fast as I can and return this unit since I am within a few days of purchasing it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Thank you!
    All my stock photos, event photos, captured video my entire business could have been down the drain. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I have been killing myself for almost entire nights trying to get this going and dead tired during the day with my clients. I needed it to put in my data fire safe because it fits. I will get back out and try to find an external drive that is no longer than 8 1/4 inches and no taller than 6 inches. I was wondering what happened to the Netgear forum that was mentioned in different posts and was actually trying to read one in French when I finally found this one. Many blessing to you for gathering this info and may your profits be big. Thank you!

  30. wish i had read that blog earlier. owner of two sc-101 toasters, which never worked correctly. i thought a device with mirroring ability would bring more safety in my data – far wrong!

    sc-101 is just a half-baked device, never will buy products from netgear again.

    a contribution for google hitlist:
    netgear sc-101 is crap
    do not buy netgear sc-101

  31. Aaarggghhh!

    Tonight had to reboot my router and PC, the SC101 didn’t re-attach.

    BTW, I have the SC101 with 2x Maxtor 300Gb, single partition, mirrored across both HDDs.

    Ok I thought, seen this before, I’ll start up SCM and just re-attach… hang-on, a new version… 1.5.7, Ok, let’s get it installed, I’m sure it’s got some improvements over the current version…

    successfully installed…great…

    re-attach my mirrored partition… what the hell!?!?!

    Where’s all my files… looks like I’ve only got some of the files, where have the rest gone? Help! Particularly as it’s sentimental photo’s the better half has put on there!

    anybody got any ideas? Looking through the suggestions above it’s all about entire partitions going walkabout, not parts of a mirror 🙁

  32. Recommendation…

    While you have the disks visible on your windows box from the SC101 – copy the data somewhere safe like your PC. Be quick they will disappear.

    Uninstall all the SC101 software from your PC.

    Take the disks out of the SC101 and put them in your PC. Format them as NTFS and share them from your windows box. Firstly compared to the SC101, sharing disks from windows and using NTFS gives you more benefits than the SC101 ever would.

    Actually i put the two disks into a Linux box and shared them using SAMBA – works a treat 🙂

    Now the empty chasis for the SC101 (toaster) makes a great door wedge to keep your door open when you are moving things in and out of the house, or garage – because its more useful as this feature than a network storage device.

    Thats the only recommendation for the SC101 – stay clear of it, or don’t even buy it.

  33. I had the dissapeared drive which was seen in ‘UT’ however i found that if you say don’t share a drive then the pc you installed the drive on dies (Or re-install Windows) you will not be able to see the drive. If you hold down the reset on the unit for 6 seconds it will reset the password and the no sharing bit so you can access you files.

    It is a bit of a pest though… i am pleased i had 2 old drives to use and did not pay for those aswell.

  34. I purchased my new SC101 from Office Depot in May 2006. I loved it. Easy to setup and use, seemed reliable, met my requirements for accessibility from the LAN. I did not mind the proprietary disk format, SAN block file transfer or Windows client requirement. I felt that DHCP was the most effective address assignment method. I have a degree in computer network engineering and a B.S. in computer information systems, combined with about 20 years of computer and network support experience so I feel competent and confident in my assessment.

    Then the trouble came. A few days ago my 6 month old seagate 500 GB hard drive failed and I’m convinced that the excessive heat contributed to this failure. So I purchased two new 400 GB Seagate drives on sale and figured I’d mirror them. Get this, two brand new drives that work fine by themselves, and after two days of attempts to install them in a mirrored configuration, no such luck. The drive letter is created, the drive is shared, and then the mirror failed with absolutely no useful diagnostics. Repeated attempts all end with the same result. If the mirror were to succeed, I’d be worried that it’s still not reliable.

    Worse yet, I read that removing a mirrored drive will result in a permanently broken mirror. If you want to re-create the mirror, you will have to transfer your data to some other network location and then create the mirror from scratch.

    Given that the tech support is non-existent and the documents are useless for troubleshooting any real problems, I’m scratching my head to come up with some use for this NAS device. I’m just glad that I never recommended it to any of my friends or associates. If I had I’d be calling them now to retract my endorsement.
    /joe b

  35. well, seems that I’m not the only one that has problems with this frikkin toaster….

    In teh beginning it never worked, so i contacted N support, and after 1 month they told me that maybe was teh firmware the problem, so the only solution taht i ahd was to wait.

    Im may they released the new software, that resolved the problem of the “sleepy toaster that makes teh programs to hang”; everything was going good, teh usual drives that appear and disapepar was basically resolved doing an isntall and reinstall of teh utility, so not so bad…until today.

    I ahve a SG300 and a SG120, the 300 has 2 partitions and the 120 is one partition; they worked fine uintil today, when i wake up i found the BSOD and i restqarted the pc as usual, redy to consider the idea of formatting the hd and isntall again xp, when i found something that is worst than a nightmare: 1 of teh 3 partition is GONE! when i try to attach the drive the toaster start to blink 2 times on the green light, and everything stop to work until i don’t disconnect the toaster.
    Seems that the 2 blinks mean that the drive is bad (6 months old), so i pulled it out, and attached to my pc to check the SMART paramters and run a ful diagnostic, but everythign is ok! so why the frikkin box doesn’t let me see the drive and blink twice?

    At this point the enxt step is to contact Zetera, that is the one that produce the ZNS filesystem used by the toaster, and ask tehm if there is any chance to mount this disk on a windows machine and recover my 90 gb of 3d models, paid more than 200K….hope for them that it will eb possible because somebody must pay for this….

    throw away this shit and buy a serious NAS, like the Buffalo! to save is never a gain!

  36. The SC101 is total and utter junk – I’m just gutted that its taken me 6 months to realise it. I’ve lost countless hours scratching my head and trying to re-attach lost drives, finding lost folders, resolving crashes while copying large folders. It was only when I bought a couple og QNAPs to run slimserver/squeezebox and realised just how easy/stable/reliable/trouble free they were that the penny dropped – dump the thing – its an evil piece of hardware.

  37. I bought an SC101 and wondered why it came on and off my network. Now I can’t access my data anymore, the drive just dissapears and you can not reattach it. Has the same experience as other users: support does not exist or is completely useless (they insist its some firewall issue), the documentation and troubleshooting says nothing and the damned thing got two PC to freeze in a row.

    Don’t know what I am going to do to recover the data.

    Does anybody start filing a claim against netgear – looks like they are aware of this issue and keep quiet.

  38. I bought mine about 8 months ago along with a matched pair of Hitachi 250 gig drives. I set it up with both drives formatted with one large partition on each without the raid configuration.

    I had some trouble right off the bat with it losing it’s connection, the first thing I did was to dump a few gigs of data to one of the drives in one operation and it lost communication with itself, after rebooting both the PC and the NAS(ty thing) everything was fine. Since then I have had the same issues as many who have posted here losing the link to the thing, but so far I am able to get everything back in order with a reboot of the PC and sometimes I have to power everything down including the network, reboot, and I’m back to work. I also have trouble sometimes with the Zetera service crashing and have to go through the same routine to fix it.

    The one big gripe I have about it, and as far as I can see from reviews of other NAS units out there is that they are so slow, this one in particular. I wanted something simple that uses less energy that a peered PC to dump my downloads to not realizing that this approach was so stinking slow.

    Maybe the difference for me having better success is that I’m not RAIDing it? It still doesn’t give that warm fuzzy feeling after seeing so many others are having trouble with it. I’m also concerned about the heat dissipation which is probably part of the problem with some of the failures people are having.

    I’d probably look at something like the Synology DS-106e at this point, stay away from this toaster.

  39. great….sold one of these to a client

    now all the data is gone and only have a partial backup

    what a piece of garbage… can they sell this as a nas device….its useless

    how can you rely on a windows driver to do the raid mirroring

    completely ridiculous

  40. This is the follow-on from my post on 7th October (Post 29). After a month of hoo-haa with Netgear, I received a new unit. (It smells like new plastic and the serial number is different so I guess it’s a new unit!)

    Still none of that 180GB I lost is nowhere to be found!!! I only attached one of the mirrored hard drives, but it tells me the hard drive has NO free space to allocate (when I tried creating a new drive). But the best part is, I can’t even delete the “existing drive”, there is no option to do that!

    So it sees the drive (300GB), it tells me there’s something there (tell me 0GB free space), but how the stinking hell am I supposed to access that data??? At least give me an option to delete the existing drive, as I have GIVEN UP on this and resigned to the fact that 180GB is GONE!

    I’m not boasting but I have BSc Hons in Computer Science, CNA, MCP, MCSA, CCNA, CCNP, so I think I do know a bit about computers. I have tried everything I can think of! Gone, I tell you, gone are the data!!!!

  41. Have 2 of these with 4 HDD’s

    From experience – Never Mirror – once the mirror is dropped all is lost (Yes it will drop the mirror it’s just a question of when).

    Do not expect any help from Netgear – They know less tahn you do!

    Other than that keep your fingers crossed and you will be ok – maybe!

  42. I can’t offer too much extra joy for anyone on this blog, but I can throw in a couple of extra snippets of information. My LAN has two (different brand) laptops running XP, and a Win2K server on it. Both laptops hate the SC101 drivers, freezing when they go in and out of hibernation. The Win2K server detects new hardware every time it boots, but three clicks of the “esc” key shuts it up. Just found out last night that different machines on the LAN see different files in the same directory! No security restrictions meant to be in place; all the files are really on the SC101 – but the Win2K machine can’t necessarily see files the the XP machines put into a directory.

    I’ve been chasing Netgear for about three months now, asking when the next firmware/driver update is due. Their helpdesk promises me it will be out “within a month”, but it’s been delayed by a month already.

    Pricing deals on Maxtor Shared Storage at the moment….

  43. I my GOD. I just bought one yesterday.
    Please, is there a happy SC101 user out there?

    I had no problems installing it. I plugged it on a NetGear Wireless router. I just inserted a 250 Gb Disk drive. Created two disks, 150 & 83 Gb.

    I do not use mirroring.
    The Backup drive is to make you feel that your data are safe. Are my data safe or in 6 months I will find out that there are no attached disks and no data etc?

    Both computers had no problems after several reboots and recovering from Hibernation. Drives reappeared after a few seconds.

    The software is really poor and no Undelete file option.
    When I bought it I never thought that it would have a different file system (not NTFS).

  44. When you set up the mirrored partition, how long did it take? Mine’s been going for at least an hour and a half. It took minutes to set up the first drive, but the mirroring is taking forever. The drives are only 120gb each. Just wondering because it seems like something isn’t quite right. I wish I’d found your entry before I bought this thing. I’m trying to make the most of it, regardless. I refuse to allow it to be an $80 doorstop.

  45. Hey
    Thanks, a lot for your fine report and feedback. I was 5sec. from pressing enter to purchase this Netgear SC101, but thanks to you I will reconsider my needs and if I still will go for the NDisk solution I will not buy Netgear.

    🙂 Green

  46. Hey all,

    Yet another disssatisfied voice in the malestrom of hate over this damn data toaster.

    Worst of all, I sold the head of Design at my company on it… “Half a terabyte of storage! Mirrored data so it’s safe! If a drive fails you won’t even notice!”

    Boy was I wrong.

    The thing was slow from the get-go, but hey, it’s half a terabyte, right? You bring things local, work on them there, then save it back to the unit. Things worked fine for literally ninety days, like it’s got a timer in it, and then WHAM.

    I get this little “broken mirror” message on my screen, and everything is GONE. I look at the toaster, and the red light is on constant, and the little green light is blinking. After much testing, I come to the conclusion that one drive has gone down. “No problem”, I think, “I’ve got it mirrored!” I throw just the good drive in, and I can see the partition! Horray, I’m saved!


    The drive won’t mount. I can see it… I can TASTE the data. My PC has it’s little face pressed up against the network, peering in at 3 months worth of Deisgn department work, but can access NONE of it.

    No phone support from NetGear, no response to my frantic emails, my posts on their forum never make it by the moderators who police the boards to make sure people don’t post negative things and ruin their cashflow… I’m disgusted.


  47. I haven’t lost data because I keep regular backups. I have formatted the drives with NTFS but when I restart the server if is connected to ( Server 2003 ) it looses all it’s share permissions . Any Ideas ?

  48. My mirror just broke because my firewall was blocking access to the IP of one of the drives. If you’re mirroring, make sure your firewall isn’t blocking ANY of the SC101 traffic (there’s a lot of it!)

  49. Once again I have to comment as I did before that I have not lost anything yet, but I’m not mirroring, just using it as two data drives on the network, Zetera crashes and burns with regularity but no data loss.

    DO NOT MIRROR THIS THING! It’s useless that way……….

  50. i have recently bought this unit and i have nothing but problems… i cant even set a drive keeps saying “failed to create drive letter”””… 🙁

  51. nothing more to add all this comments.
    When I bought it I never thought that it would have a different file system (not NTFS) and of course nothing appear on the retail box!
    Problems since the second day, same problems of other comments.
    Just the last: SC101 is a piece of shit!

  52. Complete and utter crap for a product. They ought to be embarrassed to still sell this. Staples, where i picked mine up, will be hearing from me on this crap product as well.

  53. Okay, the SC101 is crap! Period. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PIECE OF CRAP!

    But since I can’t return it for a refund, I decided to experiment with the SOB. I managed to make it a stable (6 months so far) NAS device. Here is what worked for me …..

    Put the SC101 on a UPS.
    Install two matched HDs ….. two Seagate 250GB IDE 7200RPM HDs, etc.
    Format each drive with the ZNS file system, to maximum size.
    DO NOT partition the drives … format each drive to the maximum size.
    Install the SmartSync PRO software (the only blessing of the SC101) on a PC that will run 24/7/365 and is on a UPS.
    Create a 1kb text file on the PC.
    Set up a profile with SmartSync Pro to MOVE the text file to the first NAS drive every 30 minutes starting at 12:00:00 today.
    Set up another profile to MOVE the text file from the first NAS drive to the second NAS drive every 30 minutes starting at 12:10:00 today.
    Set up another profile to MOVE the text file from the second NAS drive back to the PC every 30 minutes starting at 12:20:00 today.

    Moving the text file every ten minutes keeps the SOB SC101 from going to sleep. It seems like whenever the SOB goes to sleep or wakes back up, the configuration is in danger of being corrupted.

    Try what I wrote and post your results ……


  54. Frank,

    I have to agree with your initial observations, I have two identical drives partitioned to 100% each, no mirror and am using an UPS. I’m not using the SmartSync software though I’m just using it as a mass storage device not as a backup. I let the unit go into power save mode, so far no lost data in about 9 months or so. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and moving data off of the second drive in preparation to put it in a USB box, I just don’t trust the thing. Anything that uses a software layer to manage hardware of this nature is doomed to failure in my opinion, if the ZNS service crashes, which it does on my box frequently, you’re left with no connection to the thing and have to reboot, if you can, it usually takes a power button to get it to shut down.

    Good luck to everyone!

  55. Complete agree.

    Has anyone managed to recover their disks from the SC101.

    I’m not talking about the data on it, but I was wanting to reuse the hard drive in a windows machine, installed it but windows doesnt recognise it. It sees the hardware, but I need something to reformat it

  56. Anyone know if Netgear plans to fix these problems in their software? They haven’t had a sw upgrade in nearly a year.

  57. I have had trouble with broken mirrors three times and repaired them with UT_full attr.

    Now my I-tunes folder has turned into an unreadable file name! It should have 10,000 tracks in it

    How can I get it back?


  58. Hi

    I have run SFSextract

    Single did not find the itunes folder or contents

    Thorough found some contents but reported

    sfs_dinode_read[1476]:corrupt dinode error -3 at , line 868

    Any ideas what this means?


    If you want a router get Draytek – my 2600 is 3 and a 1/2 years old is on 24/7 and always works.

    I have had all the problems experienced here (and I am also on my 2nd unit).

    I have lost data, lost partitions, lost disks due to hardware failure (I’m sure this is due to excessive heat as the unit has no cooling fans, only a passive heat sink), the mirroring function gives data discrepancies on each pc on the network (diffewrent PCs see different folders, file dates are different and opening up the same filename on different PCs gives differnt versions of the files i.e. the mirror has broken and different PCs are reading each disk independently.

    Netgear support never reply to emails nor phone calls relating to this problem. I always get escalated to 2nd level support and technician “will ring you back” – what a joke they never call back.

    Out of desperation I even emailed Zetera to ask as to how I could recover data from a partition on the disk. Didn’t even acknowledge my email let alone reply to it. So I have a disk I know has my data, but I cannot get access to it ! Zetera is you read this I suggest that you fix the software issues with your drivers or place in the public domain a utility so that we can extract the data from our disks (I know about SFSextract but this only works if you can get a drive letter access under windows to the sc101 otherwise your are stuffed), and consign this piece of s*!t to the graveyard.

    The last error from ut listall (Unable to resolve partition) has finally cracked my patience and its going in the bin (after I’ve put it through the mangle).

    I have 24 years professional IT experience both as a systems admin and developer and in all this time I have never come across such a piece of garbage ! Netgear should be taken to court for misrepresenting this unit as a network data storage unit – a data shredder is nearer the mark !

    For Google : DO NOT BUY THE SC101 – IT’S CRAP !

  60. I reinstalled my laptop with XP Pro and could only pick up 2 of 3 partitions (murpheys law, the only one that really mattered was the one missing).

    Thanks Kevin (post 20th Aug 2006) followed your suggestions and didn’t work straight away but retried a few times. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Storage Central Manager (SCM), but also didn’t work straight away. Tried power-cycling a few times, in correct order…SC101, modem, router and then laptop. And only after I hit the little reset button with a paperclip for over 6 seconds and then power cycled the router a few minutes later, it worked! I could pick up the partition in SCM.

    I wasn’t aware of the reset button, if pushed quickly it reboots and if pushed for over 6 seconds it unattaches and resets the SC101. So hope this helps someone else. Not sure exactly what fixed it, but definitely some combination of the above.

    Ironically I was on hold for Netgear support when I finally got it working (after being cut off the 1st time and over 40 minutes later). The guy was brazen enough to ask me to give him an excellent rating after I fixed it. So, instead, the excellent rating goes to this forum! Thanks

    By the way, when I reattached it, I used the token shown after the “ut_full listall 192.x.y.a 192.x.y.z password” command. The password I used was “password” for the ut_full command, but to reattach the partition, the password was still the one I originally set.

  61. I finally got my Netgear SC101 working again after a reformat of my computer left it as useful as a toaster without a heating element. Here is a link to my blog where I documented my trials, and what I had to do in a step by step fashion to get it working. I hope it works for you. Thanks for all the help on this page, as what got mine working was a smorgasbord of suggestions from all you guys!

    Link :

  62. RE: David

    “Has anyone managed to recover their disks from the SC101.”

    Sorry this is a bit dated from your original post but I just got one of my drives to the point where I could prove out that yes you can reformat a drive under windows after removing it from the SC101. I copied everything off of one of the drives in it and removed it. The whole thing was bit scary when I tried to get the one remaining drive to work, it was there but not attached any longer, I went through several reboots and reattached it and was back running, I need to be able to pull the data off of it also so I didn’t want to do anything permanent to it until I was sure the second drive was still accessable. I then cabled the drive I had pulled out of the SC101 to the controller in my PC and booted Windows. At this point the OS does not see it as a valid drive (it isn’t) and you need to go into “Administrative Tools”/”Computer Management”/”Storage”/”Disk Management” and rebuld it. Just to be sure, I deleted the partition, recreated a new NTFS partition and then formatted it. It works fine.

    So…..There is indeed life after the SC101.

    My plan is to dump the data off the remaining drive and buy a USB drive enclosure to put one of the two I had in the SC101 into, it’s not a NAS but I’m coming to the conclusion that unless you want to spend big bucks on an enterprise level one they’re a waste of time for home use, too slow. My original expectation was that the NAS would equal the speed of writing to another peered PC on the network, not even close! Maybe when they can get them up to the performance of a peered PC I’ll look into them again.

    As for the SC101……..??

    I suppose the power supply might be useful for something and the unit would actually make a decent door stop, but I’d probably jsut stub my toe on it…..

    Instead i purchased a Sc101 as well, the sales jargon
    mentioned none of these faults or issues, a nas box that you can not allocate an Ip address, what a joke.

    I know like the rest of you have to try and get all my data off and one somewhere else and out this peice of Shi* before it damages the pcs attached that are constantly Blue screening.


    If they as a huge company took these back off of us and offered us something better or sorted out the softare and hardware issues it would show they are still in touch with the people. but they obvisouly dont give a shi*

    shame before this i purchased loads of netgear kit,
    no longer though

  64. Euurgh, today moved the server rack from the office to the cellar, go to the SC101 on MyComputer after the move (everything was on a UPS for 8 months, previous) – whats this? Broken Mirror?

    7 years bad luck?

    I’m just hoping I can copy all the orders, quotations, customer records, invoices, accounts, spreadsheets off the damned thing before the other disk ‘breaks’.

    I’m going to rip the disks out and fit them in an Intel Entry Storage System SS4000-E, and also reinstate my ‘backup everything to another server’ script.

    Ahem. I too have an SC101 for sale. Any takers? 😀

  65. I finally moved all of my data off the SC101, I never did lose anything but I never mirrored it either. I ended up buying a Venus DS3 that has a USB2/Firewire 400 interface, it’s not networkable, other than to peer it over my Windows network but I really didn’t need to have it be. Compared to the SC101 it’s lightning fast, copying 50GB in one shot took about 40 minutes over USB, Firewire is faster. Have had not trouble with data corruption etc., had a little trouble getting the Firewire connection to work initially but I think it was just not firmly plugged in. The other nice part is that you can stick an already formatted drive in it and take it with you anywhere and just plug it in, multiple partitions are recognized and mounted in seconds.

    Anyone who needs external storage that doesn’t absolutely have to be directly network connected should investigate this route.

    My SC101 would be for sale but I don’t want the liability, maybe with a little retooling it would make a good birdhouse or something, but then they might get corrupted too…..

    Good luck to those who continue to use it!

  66. I also have this toaster and im more than willing to let it catch fire. I’m running a 400GB and a 250GB with no mirrors and a total of 5 partitions. every time i span a drive it screws up on all 8 machines that i share with. i have to resort to uninstalling the manager utility on all the systems and add all the drives again and this is god damn annoying, i dread the day where i wont be able to add these drives back on again like others have had nightmares with.
    so far this sc101 causes me nothing but stress i think netgear should recall this product because it just doesnt work!

    after all the hastle so far and from what i fear is yet to come, im buying a proper server and to anyone thinking on buying a SC101 DONT!!!! spend a little more cash and get a better NAS sollution (virtually all of whitch are quicker!)

    so anyone interested in a second hand SC101!?

  67. Hello everyone,

    I have owned a Toaster for just over a year. About 2 months after I purchased it I downloaded 50gb of photos into the unit from my laptop. The toaster sat in my darkroom for months with no use then my laptop hard drive crashed big time, I lost everything. Well no fear I have the vast majority of photos saved on my trusty Netgear SC-101! Thank God, Netgear is a well known fine company right! LSS, I am in the same boat as everyone else. Netgear’s customer service as everyone knows is a joke and Netgear should be ashamed. If netgear does not figure a way for me to get my data off of their SC-101 I will for the first time in my life:

    Set up a web site just for SC-101 problems.
    Find out what it would cost me for a class action motion against Netgear. I will film myself distroying my toaster and send the file to YouTube just for the heck of it.

    When you think that Netgear is still selling this product it is frightening. There is no excuse for data loss such as this. For a trusted company to leave so many without hope, it is criminal.



  68. I have the same problem with my sc101…

    i have a local disk problem and sfsextract doesn’t seem to work… all i get is…

    --                                           --
    --       DataPlow SAN File System (SFS)      --
    --                                           --
    --        Extraction/Recovery Utility        --
    --                                           --
    --               Version 3.55                --
    --                                           --
    --  Copyright (C) 1997-2006 DataPlow, Inc.   --
    --           All Rights Reserved.            --
    --                                           --

    sfs_dinode_read[1476]: Corrupt dinode 3. error -3 at 24576, line=365
    sfs_rw[370]: ino=3, ifl=0x0, difl=0x1
    Capacity=17300997, Segments=0
    sfs_dinode_read[1476]: Corrupt dinode 2. error -3 at 16384, line=868
    sfs_dinode_read[1476]: Corrupt dinode 3. error -3 at 24576, line=868
    [3692] (null)(4364576) bn=4, sl_segments=0,255 sfs_dinode_read[1428]: e=87, ino=4, flags=0x10, difl=0x1, dh_flags=0x0, line=868
    [3692] (null)(4364576) bn=5, sl_segments=0,255 sfs_dinode_read[1428]: e=87, ino=5, flags=0x10, difl=0x1, dh_flags=0x0, line=868
    [3692] (null)(4364576) bn=6, sl_segments=0,255 sfs_dinode_read[1428]: e=87, ino=6, flags=0x10, difl=0x1, dh_flags=0x0, line=868
    [3692] (null)(4364576) bn=7, sl_segments=0,255 sfs_dinode_read[1428]: e=87, ino=7, flags=0x10, difl=0x1, dh_flags=0x0, line=868

    (blah blah blah…)

    [3692] (null)(4364576) bn=17300977, sl_segments=0,255 sfs_dinode_read[1428]: e=87, ino=17300977, flags=0x10, difl=0x1, dh_flags=0x0, line=868
    [3692] (null)(4364576) bn=17300978, sl_segments=0,255 sfs_dinode_read[1428]: e=87, ino=17300978, flags=0x10, difl=0x1, dh_flags=0x0, line=868
    [3692] (null)(4364576) bn=17300979, sl_segments=0,255 sfs_dinode_read[1428]: e=87, ino=17300979, flags=0x10, difl=0x1, dh_flags=0x0, line=868
    [3692] (null)(4364576) bn=17300980, sl_segments=0,255 sfs_dinode_read[1428]: e=87, ino=17300980, flags=0x10, difl=0x1, dh_flags=0x0, line=868

    (blah blah blah…)
    Extracted 0 file(s).
    Started – March 08, 2007 at 07:14:55.
    Completed – March 08, 2007 at 07:17:23.

  69. Yip, same here

    Been trying NetGear’s bulls!t support for a week now.

    Biggest piece of annoying m*th#rf&ck!ng time wasting energy draining cost increasing piece of shit EVER to hit the market.

    Where do I sign-up to sue ?…. (Since I do own 5 of these mini garbage bins)

  70. Pros: Cute little thing.

    Cons: No silver bullet bundle to kill the beast hiding inside it.

    Had issues with EVA700 but SC101 is a nightmare… shame to Netgear…

  71. Jeff Morris, let me know when you’re ready, I’ll join you in the “smashing up the toaster” video. And you’re right, I can’t believe CrapGear is still selling SC101

  72. There should be some kind of class action lawsuit against netgear for these worthless devices. Here is some advice for anyone who is still using one. Get you data off of it immediately this device uses a proprietary file system if something happens where you cannot access the device you will not be able to read your data it by attaching it to PC or other device. If you don’t believe me go check out netgear’s forums and see the amount of problems other people are having.

  73. Hi,

    I’m getting worried. I bought my SC101 on the 25th of march, intending to use it with a single 400GB hard drive, maybe attaching a second disc later on. Simple use and no raid configurations och partitions.

    I installed it on my main computer, no problems. Then I installed it on my girlfriend’s computer, she told me it worked fine and it was time to call it a night.

    The next day when I’m trying to access the SC101 from her computer, I found out that the disc wasn’t working, she’d just seen the cd in “My Computer” and thought it was the SC101.

    When trying to attach the drive to my GF’s computer I got tempted by the update choise – bad idea. This is when all hell broke loose. From now on it was only possible to attach the drive to one computer at the time.

    I tried all the ways to fix it, rebooting, reg editing, reinstalling and so forth. Nothing worked! After several hours, in the middle of the night I found what seems to be the solution, downgrading firmware to 4.19.0 and upgrading SCM 1.5.7 on both computers accessing the SC101. I really hope that this helps some of you to recover your files!

    I’m thinking about trying this for a week, without getting my self in the risk of loosing any important files. The return policy is two weeks, and I’m considering using it. I’ll keep you informed!

  74. DavidE Take advantage of the return policy and bring it back. A true NAS Storage device is extremely easy to setup and if you’re already having problems with the toaster out of the box it really doesn’t get any better as time goes on. I have one lying in the corner that I refuse to sell on eBay because I will probably end up with negative feedback for selling it.

  75. DavidE, take it back, SOON. Why wait until you lose some data, when you still have the option to take it back now and you still have ALL your data????

    Had Enough, thinking exactly the same thing as you. I have one lying as well, with one of the mirrored HDDs still attached, but still unable to get that data off. I’ve broken the mirror and using the other HDD as a backup storage (attached straight to the PC and using robocopy to do simple file-copy-backup).

    Afraid to see it on eBay, negative feedback as well as the buyer losing his/her data. I mean I can’t sell a defective product, right? that’s just wrong!

    ^ ^ Check it out, SC101T

  76. From the above link:

    “Implenented duplicate drive structure table for redundancy which prevents the drive from not-accessible ”

    What the hell does that mean????!

  77. GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

    I finally got the thing working (again) and right NOW, I’m copying ALL my data off to another HDD!!!

    “Wes Alvaro”‘s link got me going, but I didn’t even have to play with ut utility. Here’s what I did:

    I had two HDDs mirrored (apparently that was a disaster waiting to happen – read info above!)

    I took one HDD out, and reset the SC101 (holding down the reset button for a few seconds). By the way, the HDD attached to the SC101 is literally hanging off it, I’m not going to leave it in there, it’ll melt down with all that heat and poor ventilation that SC101 provides.

    Initially I had SCM1.5.7 installed but when I run ut utility, it was showing a data partition (which it didn’t before). I got excited, and tried to attach, which I couldn’t. So I reset the Drive Password, but still no go. Then I read Wes’ link, “don’t use 1.5.7” it read. So I uninstalled it, installed 1.5.6, and tried to attach, and voila!! Saw all the data. Not sure of the integrity but just doing a simple robocopy at the moment. I’ll worry about the data integrity later. first thing is to get ALL the data off that doorstop.

    Will update you with the details later. Thanks Wes for giving me some sense of direction on how to go about resolving this issue.

  78. I purchased an SC101 last Fall sometime. It took some time to get configured correctly and several weeks dealing with NetGear Support (that’s an oxymoron BTW). It has run flawlessly since; well, until today. The drive disappeared off of my mapped local drives.

    The util seemed to see it fine but I couldn’t remap it. I decided to uninstall and reinstall the util with the latest version since there was an update a few weeks ago.

    Now I can’t get the util to install. I get an error every time of “Failed to install z-san bus”. I’ve disabled Norton and tried it, still no luck. This really sucks.

  79. Leo,

    Thanks for the advice on reformatting a disk for use after pulling it from one of these stinkers.

    This blog by far has the most useful information on salvaging data from the SC101 nightmare.

  80. Jeff Morris — you are so funny.. filming yourself destroying a device… LOLS… I really wanted to see that!

    I am pretty sure that your family will be so damn proud!

    I managed my device to work, it is not a perfect device but what the heck, no one is perfect!

    I cannot blame you but i cannot blame the device as well…

    Anyways, hope to see your MOVIE!

  81. I had 2 Netgear SC101’s, i use the word had because they were better kickballs, than SAN’s, both of them sucked. I lost all of my data during a firmware upgrade. I just reciently bought a Western Digital MyBook Pro. GREATEST THING EVER!! Anyone with a SC101 should go and kill themselves.

  82. After having read all this thread and some 5-6 others talking about bad expperiences and probable solutions. i ended up in making a list of the steps i was to follow..
    my problem was a bit more complicated than what I read, but i kept reading.
    I had a reinstall of my windows after some bad virus destroyed most of the os and because this wasnt enough to make sc101 drivers dissapear i also performed a firmware upgrade. That ws yesterday. I run a setup of 2 300 gb drives as 2 seperate partitions. not mirroring (couldnt get it to wrork.. thanmk god!) AND FINALLY after several uninstalls and installs i found one solution. !!!!

    I also tried merging some of the data i thought usefull from my old registry which proved good to export before reinstalling windows…

    What worked for me was to download the central management utility sepperate and not as an update, after i did an uninstall… I got version 2.0.23I downloaded.Tried to run and to my amazement two partitions were there. at the moment i am copying all my work stuff and am rather happy that i wont get serious grins for losing some companys data..

    Keep away from netgear.. seriously dangerous..

  83. Funny that a google search for “SC101 Drivers” should bring me here?

    Anyway, i have two of these devices that have until now been fine (though my first one was dead out of the box, but was replaced, an omen i guess), using very basic partitioning (1 drive = 1 partition) and no mirroring, i am a bit concerned however that i updated my fimware and utility to a newer version from the netgear site about a week ago, only to find that today they have been pulled, without a trace??? Lukily my devices do still work, and there is now an option to turn off disk sleep, along with a lot of other fixes, so why is it gone??? And still no Vista drivers >:(

    Too late, too much bad publicity, I am now going to move my disks back into my server, which means copying each of my 4 disks to a local drive before having to re-partition each disk and then copying all the data back 🙁

    Hope they live long enough to copy my data… after that i’m going to attempt to return them, also may take my routers back, no problems with them but i’m going to make a stand… sh*t, i got them from PC World :'(

  84. This is what now resides on the SC101 support page:

    Warning: If you have already upgraded to firmware version 4.22.13 and software version 2.0.23, Do NOT downgrade to earlier versions.

    My plan is ruined as since the upgrade to these versions, connection to the disks keeps dropping so i am unable to copy my data from them, and i can’t downgrade to the previous one which was stable for me.

    Netgear have a lot to answer for here.

  85. I’de like to thank all previous posters for all the valuable comments

    i had the missing drive thing , reg key removal didn’t work
    uninstall/reinstall, no cigar

    in fact i noticed that the software didn’t seem to update at all
    new version has “skip ” checkbox for the update check screen
    but it never showed on my pc

    uninstalled alcohol 120%
    disabled starwind

    uninstalled sc101 soft

    and funny enough, after reboot, it automatically initiated the install of the new version, and everything worked again…

    i don’t hate the sc101, if it works, it’s good for what i need
    but Netgear is seriously lacking in it’s support.

  86. Bought mine on Saturday, May 12th ’07. Tried all weekend to get it to work. Went online and found the solution in this forum. The solution? Return it! Thanks for your comments. I appreciate that you saved me $100, heart ache, and time.

    Good site. Thanks.

  87. I’ve been battling with my SC101 for a few weeks now.

    I managed to get through all the problems of the drives disappearing and reappearing but my patience came to and end whilst trying to set up mirroring.

    I have set up the unit and a mirror (across two 120GB drives) three times now. Each time it appears to set up correctly but, at some point during the initial upload of my 27GB of data, the mirror breaks.

    Rather than waste more time trying to keep the mirror stable, I’ve now decided that I have absolutely zero confidence in the device.

    Instead, I’ve dug an old PII-400 out of the store cupboard, bunged the 120GB drives into it, installed Windows 2000 and set up software mirroring. It’s a solution I’ve used many times in the past and at least I know it’ll work.

    I agree that the SC101 seems to be a very poorly implemented, and even more poorly supported, product.

    Maybe I’ll give it another go in a few months time, once they’ve released some more software updates, but only with non-critical data.

  88. Sorry to be a party pooper .. but these things do actually work for me, have worked reliably, and have had no problems once I actually got them working. I came across this page while mopping up software upgrades and other data to store away in a config management system.

    I too made the mistake of buying a set of SC101 toasters thinking they were network attached stores using SAMBA/CIFS (i.e. windows file system), but as soon as I realised this was a bespoke networked SAN solution using UDP etc, I treated it with kid gloves; expecting the same kind of problems I would find if messing around with an enterprise grade SAN or storage virtualisation solution. .. and found these problems. Also, recognising that these devices should be treated as being pretty slow to start and slow to write should be low in the storage hierarchy.

    The approach I took was to attach the toasters to ONE AND ONLY ONE server running that good old workhorse W2K Server, and use this as a storage virtualisation server, and there they have sat humming away on their own UPS in the garage ever since. The storage server then shares them as FAT32 SMB/Windows file shares, and is periodically bounced at 3am on a Sunday morning when microsoft updates are auto installed. Incidentally, sharing and mapping the disks in this way then allows block level access to the files (which is NOT supported on the Zetera File system used to present the discs on their host server), this then supports a range of applications that require block level access such as virtual disks etc etc. Hence, if you need block level access then share the drives and map them back onto the same server.

    So … my opinion … the mistake NETGEAR / ZETERA have made is to sell a complicated SAN solution into the mass market, where there are a million and one operating system / user combinations.

    Oh yes, if anyone from Netgear / Zetera is reading this, can we have a low level command line utility to mount and unmount these drives please. Or alternatively, please publish the source ocde for ut_full so we can write our own.

  89. Got the borken mirror message, the customer carried on saving data to it. Then their network ghot spiked – drives were lost.

    Got Netgear US on the phone, they remoted onto my PC and fixed the attribs. Woot! Drive is back fantastic…

    Errr…. not exactly. No data from after the mirror was broken. The piece os $hit decided not to update the mirror with the data from the good half.

    What a total waste of time. I am getting my ass kicked for losing customer data.

    Thanks, Netgear wont be buying any of your products again.

  90. Wow. I wish I had read this last weekend. After 5 hours of simply trying to get a single drive formated on one of my new WD 320GB drives, I packing it in and packing them up. I’m not an expert by any means, and certainly less savy than the those posting on this website. So I’m cutting my losses.

  91. I have spent hours on the phone with netgear (outsourced to India) tech support. There is no clear documentation, instructions or troubleshooting available. This product is a dog. Has anyone considered a class action lawsuit against netgear? They are putting peoples data at risk or just destroying it with their crappy devices. Anyways still trying to get a bunch of data off the hunk of crap. gotta get back to fretting about my files.

  92. This unit constantly freezes my network. When It stops working on one computer it takes out the rest.
    Time to move material to it is beyond slow.
    And the special format is not mentioned on the boxAnd having to reformating it is also not mentioned on the box.
    My USB drive was 1000% better purchase.

  93. I’ve been about to pull the trigger on an SC 101 from ebay for a week or two. After reading this valuable info, methinks a mushroom cloud would be more appropriate…

    I wonder if the fact that so many are available on ebay, has anything to do with the problems mentioned here?

  94. I have had mine for over a year with 320GB drive split into 2 and have had no problems. I did run into some teething problems earlier, e.g drives not present etc. But the problem was easily resolved by uninstalling the client and reinstalling it again, also updating the firmware might help too.

  95. I have to agree with all of the posts decrying the SC-101. It is an utter POS, possibly one of the worst storage systems I have had the misfortune to come across in 22 years of having to deal with the rough end of computing technology.

    I will not be buying or advising any one else to buy Netgear storage equipment – the amount of effort to configure and the amount of data loss I have suffered with this joke system is beyond belief.


  96. just got mine yesteday 6/19/07 and today its up for sale on my favorite forum.

    i spent 2 hours trying to get it it to run. and then i tore it apart and found that the IDE cable wasnt even connected to the little PCB board inside.

    WTF!!! OMFG!!

    well after that neither of the 250gig drives would format it kept saying format failed so what i had to do was open of Disk Management in XP and the minute i clicked Next to have it create and format the partitions i had to refresh the disk Mgr console and VERY VERY quickly tell it to initilize the disks.
    then AND ONLY THEN did it work, and if i didnt have the Disk Mgr console open it never would have worked.

    ok so after FINALLY getting it to work i decided to dump a few LARGE files onto it.
    i was getting 6 meg/sec transfer rates which is on par for network speeds under a 10/100 network.

    but the PC was just not acting right,, slow,, opening ‘My Computer’ was a pain in the arse as they are network drives mounted under my computer the system had to make sure they were there. which stalled My computer.

    its a $20 NAS witha price tag of much higher better units.


    like i said after 4 hours of messing with it i’m done,,, its for sale.

    also this has been said but i want to say it again.


    NO LINUX, NO XBOX MEDIA CENTER, NO XBOX 360 (xbox’s can stream video over the network but not with this stupid thing)

  97. ok well today after i removed everything last night in the way of stupid netgear software, my pc wont stop locking up

    so now im forced to reload.

  98. I also have big issues with this thing. I bought it, had 2 250gb discs succesfully mirrored in it, copied some gigs of data to it. So far so good. One day later the unit is almost unreachable, even worse the mirroring is gone, even more worse my data is gone!! WTF!
    This is bad! Don’t buy it. Return it. No unc-path, only driveletter reachable.. Crap!

  99. Hehe. well u all cant retach it cuse u have too resett the machine.. and yes tehre is a way.. IF u got it reach able on 2 computers u ahve too deattach it from teh otehr too get it attached on ur own computer.. cuse in some way u have got it not share able. so de attach it form all the other computers and u will get ur data back!..
    too resett passwords and shit just hold resett button for 8 seconds >_> have had mine since it came out.. not a single problem.. u just got newb porbs. not even hard too fix.!

  100. Don’t give up to easily.
    I spent many hours on this without success and eventually contacted a recovery firm that quoted me nearly £600 to retrieve my wedding photo’s.
    After finding out there definitely was a way of getting my data back I got on with the task still using with the afore mentioned method. After spending another hour a day for a week the drive suddenly kicked into life and all my data was retrieved. Wife is now happy again. I did however use another caddy which may have helped but I was unsuccessful with this many, many times before it finally worked.

  101. What a piece of **** ! (trash)
    I purchased on before Christmas 2006 and put a Maxtor 300GB and a Maxtor 250GB. I set up a RAID1 on Mirrored 200GB partitions and had a 50 and a 100 left over. Worked “OK” for a while, slow as could be, I could have hand-written binary data code quicker. They call it a toaster for a reason. This POS gets “HOT!”. Same thing as the original poster, I “upgraded” my firmware/software because the Netgear Storage Central Manager told me to….. well, you would expect the software to know what it’s talking about, right?….. WRONG! The partitions disappeared, my data disappeared, the IP’s disappeared from my network. I tried all available suggestions that I could locate (Google is your friend!) but to no avail. ut could see some partitions but I could not rewrite the partition table, ut_full didn’t even see the partitions! I called Netgear and they wanted money to fix a problem they created. I asked to foreign tech support agent why and he kept saying “I’m sorry, sir”… DUMAS! I asked him if he was ashamed to work for such a poorly managed company with such poor products and support. LOL He paused for about 10 seconds and said “I’m sorry, sir”. Anyway, since there are so many unhappy previous owners of the SC101, let me know if someone starts a class-action lawsuit. Count me in! Always back up your data to another media.

  102. I found the perfect solution

    I had two 300Gig raid in the SC101. I copied all my stuff off and put it in an old box, now it is faster, everything can see it and i don’t have to worry about any of this.

    Fletch out!

  103. So there is no way to change the attributes yourself if you have upgraded to the latest version of SMC and firmware on the SC101? 🙁

  104. Wow…

    My SC101 is offline since end of March 2007. Since popping in a second 400GB drive and upgrading to the new firmware. The partition on the first 400GB drive as disappeared. I tried every trick given on NETGEAR’s home page, even played with the UT command line tool. No result. Partition one. Data gone.

    I categorized the SC101 as problem case. I put it into the “repairs” box. Last week I spent an entire night fiddling and testing, exchanging drives, installing and unistalling the NETGEAR SC management utility, booting and rebooting the machine. Suddenly, it was morning, the sun came up. I spent the day at the office, falling asleep every damn occasion that allowed falling asleep. NETGEAR is not going to do any damn business with me anymore, that’s for sure.

    Now, today I felt lucky. I reme,bered the days it was a working machine, the little SC101. I wanted to give it a last try. So, I emaild the Netgear support guys today. A little later, I entered the search keys ” SAN SFS DATAPLOW” to find a sort of data extraction tool to retrieve the data on the lost partition on my old 400GB drive. I got connected to this blog. I read every entry.

    NOW I UNDERSTAND. It’s not me. It’s never been me. NETGEAR is making a fool of their customers. They’re selling crap to us, getting rid of their old ATA gear they got and they need to sell fast because of SATA coming up. That’s the trick the suckers are playing. And because of this there was no time to develop decent firmware and drivers, isn’t it?

    Well, I’m never going to install any crap that doesn’t pass Windows logo testing after THIS lesson, too. And for NETGEAR, these guys are loosing out. Or do they have enough BIG CUSTOMERS so they can afford selling crap to customers like you and me?

    Well anyway. It’s not us. It’s never been. NETGEAR is to blame. Good to know.

    Imagine, I just came by looking for hints to give it “a last try” with the SC101… And then you read this blog!

    Well, reading this blog says everything. No need for any last tries. No need to do further business with NETGEAR. No reason to invest into more NETGEAR equipment in future. No reason to recommend Netgear equipment to others.

  105. Johan
    Jun 26th, 2007 at 2:24 pm

    Newbie problems huh? Dare I ask how long you have been using computers for? Dare I ask what you do for a living? And I pray that you don’t lose all your porn, as it’s bound to happen if you got them on the toaster. Good Luck.

    Si – aka “newbie”

  106. My SC101 is officially DEAD!

    I got tired of messing with Netgear’s piece of crap, so I removed the two hard drives and took the SC101 behind the house and unloaded a 9mm magazine into it. AND IT FELT GOOD!

    Screw Netgear! I will NEVER, EVER purchase another Netgear product!

    Good luck to everyone else who owns a SC101!


  107. Being an IT Pro (analyst and developer) for a long long time, and also selling hardware to customer, I also fell into the trap of the SC101. A few customers have it running, and it works, although slow. But people withe notebooks, attaching to various nets (work, home) with varying numbers of mapped drives, they ALWAYS got into trouble sooner or later. The drives did not show up under My Computer.

    Right now I have been trying to recover data from a customers mirrored SC101. I was trying to uninstall the 1.5.7, did not work. I tried to install the 2.0.24, did not work, said there was a broken mirror. Well, I tried to run the utility ut_full.

    After having reset the admin password, i could get the utility to show me the partition information. But to update the partition info, only massages of ‘target busy, retrying’.

    Did that a few times. Then i tried to install the 2.0.24 again. AND NOW it said ‘no problem, I can install’! Well, after installation, it said ‘old firmware, must be upgraded’. So i tried to do that, no luck, upgrade failure. So I reset the SC101, restarted the SCM, it still said ‘firmware, must be upgraded’. I retried that, and NOW it worked: Firmware updated.

    The partitions on the disk finally showed up. So I selected the most important partition to be resqued and entered the password. Attaching…….XP sait ‘found new hardware…….ready to use, BUT no volume turned up in ‘My Computer’.

    Grrr!!! restarted everything, same result. BUT THEN I remembered a phenomenon I have seen before. Volume letters can cover each other. So I went to XP disk manager in Admin Tasks. AND THERE WAS THE DRIVE!

    AHA, now the drives are usually reachable with old ‘DOS’ commands in the cmd window. Having found the drive letter in the Disk Manager, I changed drive to that letter in this case F: and then a Dir command and THERE WAS EVERYTHING.

    A simple Xcopy to the safe place of UBUNTU LINUX SAMBA, and the customer (and I) was saved).

    Sens moral: No more SC101s with proprietary disk formats. LINUX SAMBA for file servers.

    UBUNTU is really extremely simple to set up if you do not need to set up high security users. And I have had SAMBA file servers installed on very simple PCs (2 GHz Celeron, 512 MB RAM) running for more than THREE YEARS with NO (0 time) maintenance. No crashes of any kind, with wild PC users pulling the power plug on their PC, when they got stuck in the Wwindows environment. (Do not forget to change hard disks after about 3 yrs!)

    And, honstly, I have been using other Netgear products (routers and hubs/switches) for many years, without any particular problems with the hardware. I have never tried to get in touch with them though, so I don’t know anything about their personal service. I try to stay away for personal service as much as I can (and that is very close to 100%). Internet is a much better way to get info.

    So don’t despair. There are a few more tricks to try to get your data off the SC101….

  108. Bought one of these on October 1st 2006. Had most of the troubles others have had on here. Ranted at the incompetence of their support almost more than the incompetence of the product. Gave up with it. Put it in a cupboard with the intention of putting a hammer through it sometime and sending the pic to Netgear.

    Found some spare time last week to have another go. Got it out and connected it again. Now even worse. No Pc’s on my network could see any drives. Software announced no drives to mount, also announced no drives to dismount or remove. But, the deadly embrace being that it also said there was no unallocated space left on the drives.

    Solution: bought a cheap NAS device LAN Drive enclosure. Took out the drives from the toaster (well forced one out ‘cos it was so tight) and put one in this new gizmo. No drivers needed. Formatted it using its web-interface (sadly only fat32 allowable but I’m not likely to be putting huge files on it, although the manufacturers *claim* it will transparently split and re-merge large files at are over the FAT32 limit.) Anyway, away it went, and still goes.

    Other drive will go into a Pc when I get round to it.

    This morning, feeling optimistic, took the SC101 back the the retailer (PC World in the UK) after nearly 10 months of ownership. Expected a bit of persuasion was going to be needed to get them to refund on account of the time. Quite wrong. Got a knowing look from the Service desk guy as soon as I produced it, and left 5 minutes later with a full refund. (they still sell them though…..)

  109. I wish I’d found this blog before purchasing this piece of junk. I’ve been in the “biz” since DOS days helping others and NETGEAR’s software just cost me 3 days!. I went to up-date the software per the pop-up and when I rebooted by W2K system I got a BSOD. By the time I got things half way back I realized one of my logical drives (E) wasn’t there. I tried reinstalling W2K to a new folder and reading the drive with no luck. Finally, I used BART PE (it was the only thing that could see all drives) to copy C,D & E to a USB drive. Tried a couple of Partion Mgr programs to correct with no luck. Finally, I resized the D drive and deleted the E drive (the one I could not see any any OS other than BART) and then recreated the E drive (using Acronis Disk Manager). Then in W2k formatted the drive and labeled it. Copied all of E from the USB back to HD and now back in business. For $80 bucks it wasn’t worth it. Plus I know someone without my bruises would’ve never figured it out. Bottom line – buy another box with a network card and big Hard Drive for your NAS. Easier to administer and recover from.

  110. Oh crap. I bought an SC101 with 2 – 200gigs about 1.5 years ago. I have had it connected to my simple wireless (1-computer) network without problems for this whole time. THEN, last night I decided it was time to reinstall XP on my laptop (the only computer that has ever accessed the SC101).

    So, I moved ALL my important files over to the SC101 and never thought twice about being able to get it reconnected. I don’t remember what partitioning settings I had set up on the SC101, and I don’t have any documentation that came with it. I installed the “Storage Central Manager Utility” assuming it would pick up the drive, but no luck.

    Oh crap. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get me reconnected? Or is there no hope?


  111. install SCM (if not already) Zetera service should be running.
    do you see the disk in Windows disk management?
    is it unallocated?

    if yes I think I have the solution.
    let me know

  112. OMFG.. updated the firmware last night and one of the 5 mirrored partitions is empty! I found out that i have the 02 00 02 problem to (really broken mirror), it is fixable.. except one litle problem..
    The ut listall command gives me a nice overview of all partitions, but ut_full listall show me nothing, so ut_full getpart etc etc doesn’t work but ut getpart etc etc does!!

    To bad you need ut_full to restore the attributes, that’s not gonna work for me. Turned the toaster on and off and on and off.. baked an egg on me to 250Gb harddisks…. turned it on again. Still not working.. I also can’t detach the drives cause ‘they are busy’…

    I’m on e-mail contact with the support desk, I hope this can be fixed, because there’s almost 20 Gb of weddingpictures missing at the moment…

    My advice? Dont buy it! It slow and not stable… you need software on all machines..that sux..

  113. Been running fine for 8 months with an upgrade in the middle. Wife calls me to tell me that the PC is frozen. After much research and restoring the PC, found out that it is this POS that is causing the problem. Now when I install the software, then attach drives, XP sees the “new hardware” and says it is ready to be used, but the SC utility still says “attaching drives…”. Waited a couple of hours to find it still trying to attach. Now when you open Windows Explorer, and try to navigate ANYWHERE, explorer freezes. And any other explorer-based program (control panel, device manager, event log, any other program for that matter), you get a hung app. Yes, port is open, etc.

    I must agree that this is a big POS and is too delicate for home use, or any use for that matter. I’m not sure how I’m going to get my files off of this POS. When I do, I am going to drive over it with my SUV…

  114. Beware of this device. It is the worst crap ever released. SC101 stands for Storage Crap 101. I threw it out of the window of my appartment yesterday at 2am and it was such a pleasure to get rid of this piece of junk. Netgear, you suck!!

  115. dranktank
    Aug 3rd, 2007 at 7:48 pm

    Did you read the entire web page, and have you tried (almost) everything mentioned on this page, or do you need to be spoon-fed? If you have tried some steps, tell us what you have tried so far and post your results.

  116. Hey guys,

    Well, to make a long story short…I have spent most of this friday evening trying to get my SC101 to give me my data back. Frankly, I was close to tying it behind my car and dragging over the highway…just for the heck of it.

    After a reinstall of my XP box, you guessed it, no more access to my mirrored (yes I know now….DUHHHHHH)drives or my data.

    After sevral reinstalls of the Manager software, several resets of the unti via the tiny lil button on the back and several utterings of words I better not repeat, hallef*ckinglujah, I was able to attach and access the drive again.

    Am now copying my 300 Gb of data to my local drives, am gonna get me 2 nice 500 Gb SATAII drives and attach them to my Adaptec SATAII adapter, let that baby do the mirroring thingy and stuff my data on there.

    After that, I wanna give my SC101 a ‘nice’ goodbye cuz even without mirroring, I don’t trust it anymore with my data.

    Or, in your opinions, is it ok to continue to use it, just leave the ‘fantastic’ mirroring capabilities to what they are???

  117. finally geting closer to geting my data back. I lost 2 drive 12 months ago and never got close through netgear support, they even gave up. However last night finally recovered one part with the sfsextract tool.

    The second part requires the ut_full tool which now does not work with the latest firmware. So as Netgears advice is been so crap I decided if they say don’t drowngrade the firmward then I’ll do it. I downgraded to 1.5.5 and I can again use the ut_full, don’t know if I’ll get the data back but I’ll give it a try, at least only one part is missing.

  118. Hi,

    Im going to return this product now! I had it for 10 mounths and it sucks. The idé was to share data – pictures, video, music – within the local family network; laptops, game-pc, kids pc:s etc.

    It just wont work! No support for Vista (2 PC:s gone). After installing the latest driver from Netgear my “work” PC with XP gives me the BSOD durin boot and there is no “good” configuration to go back to!

    I will try to backup my local data on that PC with “Barts PE” and then it’s reinstall time….. After recovering the data on the SC101 i will return it to the dealer or smack it with a hammer!

    This is my first and last Netgear product. NO MORE!


  119. Thank you karl!

    …for hinting me in the right direction. Having agonised in weeks over a broken mirror (7 years bad luck?), i finaly got my precious data back.

    Now with my familly jpegs secure, I’m not sure what to do with the SC101. What grim fate awaits it? Simply tossing it out the window doesn’t seem to cut it. “Office Space”, anyone?

    Now, the more constructive part of my reply:

    My mirror was not available for mounting and apeared as a broken drive (not broken mirror) in the Storage Central Management Utility. I tried everything in the KB and on this page.

    1. Netgears recommended start order to assign the ip correct. Making sure that the only pc on the wired LAN doesn’t conflict with the six ip-adresses that sc101 selects for itself.
    2. Nothing in the registry that indicates that the pc thinks the drive is still attached.
    3. Reset button on the SC101 for more than 8 seconds, making sure that the sc101 doesn’t think a drive is still attached.
    4. Checking Disk Manager verifying that there are no drive letter conflicts.
    5 Removing deamon tools.

    I finaly diagnosed it as the 02 00 02 problem.
    To get the ut_full utillity to work I had to downgrade the firmware to 4.19.0. In this “mode” noting but ut_full worked. But it enabled me to reset the attributes. After upgrading the firmware to current (4.22.13) the mirrored drive apeared.

    Good Luck to you all and repeat after me:
    I will never, ever by a NETGEAR product.
    I will never, ever by a NETGEAR product.
    I will never, ever by a NETGEAR product.

  120. Today i contacted my reseller about the SC101 troubles, see what they come up with.

    Now, as for alternatives, can anyone offer me some solid advice on what kind of unit (available in europe/the netherlands) I should get to have a RELIABLE mirrored networks storage solution (pls bear in mind i am a home user, I can think of nice solutions, but my walleet weeps at the mere thought).

    I would really like to have a reliable way of storing my data on my home LAN.

    Thanks for any hints in the right direction 🙂

  121. Tomorrow, it’s september 1st and still no driver for Vista! First they said: 1st quarter of 2007, then first half of 2007, now 3rd quarter of 2007. In a month they will state that it will be available in Q4 I expect. But I don’t wait for it any longer. Never again I will trust any Netgear product.

  122. I have had the same problems with Netgear’s Toaster since day one. It is a shame that big electronics stores keep endorsing and selling this piece of junk. But after months and months of investigation and keeping a close eye on the Netgear’s forum. They have finally come out with a Beta that is working well, and since I have downloaded the Beta I have finally been able to restore all of my videos and pictures that I thought I lost. I also suggest everyone carefully read what others on the forum have tried and what is working for them. Good luck to everyone and unfortunately this stupid Toaster’s software updates are not supported by Netgear. But by people like us trying to get their lost information from this AWFUL beast!

  123. Well I agree that this is probably the worst storaga solution out there. I have had mine for over a year and have had lots of problems with it. I have however gotten it to work with Windows Vista using the new firmware 4.23.0.

    Oh, another thing for you guys that get the “Firmware upload failed” message. I got the same message when I logged on to the drive with the default administrative password “password”. Only – I didn’t remember that I had changed the password!

    I could log on using the old password but got that error message when I tried to upload the new firmware. When I logged on with the new password everything was working ok.

    Unbeliavable that you can log on to a system with the wrong password…

  124. Wow! SC101 is really crap but I am stuck with it… I now have to backup what was supposed to be a backup in the first place. I have set 2 x 250gb drives in the toaster and they are supposed to be duplicates (not mirroring) of each other. I basically use a file sync tool. All folders check out as same size but I have one 5gb chunk missing in Drive 1. Does anyone know why this occurs?


  125. Well, I *was* about to buy an SC101… but somehow this page changed my mind

    Thanks for all the warnings everybody

  126. Got one a week ago. I think they might have finally got the drivers to work. I upgraded my Firmware and aside from the long time to transfer files to it, it seems to stream video files nicely.

    I have 4 XP computers and 1 Vista running on it with no troubles (Yet)

    Nothing important is going on it without a solid DVD backup.. I don’t trust it because of this blog, so thanks for the info..

  127. My SC101 crapped out today, announcing to me in an ever so calm way that “An internal error has occured”. Is data recovery going to be a challenge?

  128. Add me to the list of SC101 owners who wasted $100.00. As most others have said, setup was painful. When my computer crashed I thought “No problem! I’ve got my data backed up!” HAH!! This Netgear POS failed harder than the drive in my computer. I was able to recover my data by using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery and I’m back in service. While trying to get this Netgear POS running again I came across this blog. Now I know… stop wasting my time!! I think this will be a good target for my Saiga 7.62×39 rifle. Then I’ll send it back to Netgear. Add me to your class action lawsuit!!

  129. Never buy a SC101! Oh I know all the fun with the ut utility and mirroring and loss of data and hacking the damn system for 8 hours with all sorts of command line tools before recovering my data. Drives deattaching was the simplest error. Lately my SC101 started randomly deleting files… this was the last drop… I bought me a Terastation and now all works fine. The two cannot be compared. NEVER BUY A SC101 IT IS PURE SHIT. Just google for SC101 errors. I mean it will get you more results than bible has pages!

  130. This is my mail I am sending to Netgear since they do not have an email to reply to:

    The original unit I purchased at Bestbuy. The serial # 1GJ2775Y008AA and after about 4-5 weeks stopped working. I was on the phone with your tech support for at least 3 hours and it could not be fixed. Your tech support told me that the unit in question “was not authorized to be sold to the public” and they would send a replacement. The unit I got from Bestbuy has two fans on the bottom of the unit. The unit you sent me does not. During my call on the 1st unit I was asked to swap the drives in the unit to see if it was my drives or the unit. I did so and the drives were not hot to handle. During my 3 hour call on the 2nd unit Serial # 1L51685Y007AD, I was also asked to swap out the drives and this time the drives were extremely HOT. We could not get the second unit to work due to some “questionable” tech instructions I received from your technical support.

    1. At one time we were able to see the drives and your technical support told me to upgrade the firmware. I did so per their instructions and after maybe 10 minutes of waiting for the firmware to finish, your tech support told me to back out of the upgrade by exiting the software which then caused the Utility software to lose the drive, it was no longer visible. They instructed me to do the same for my other drive and also told me to do the same thing and I lost that drive too.

    2. At the end of the call which your tech support ended by telling me to try the unit on a different PC and to call back if I have any success. That is where your tech support GAVE UP to trying to fix and I also GAVE UP and said this is not worth my time and my effort if you, NETGEAR cannot know what to do. I have spent over 6 hours on the phone with your people and I will NOT do this again. I do not want a replacement. Your product is not worth my time to try for a 3rd time.

    3. I stated to the last person I spoke with my conditions for settling this. I want you to authorize Bestbuy to accept back the defective first unit with a full refund of about $53 since it was on sale for $49.99 plus tax. Your own tech support people told me it was “not authorized for sale to the public”, then who is at fault here, it is not me! I stated that if this was to take place I will send back the 2nd unit in the original box back to you and we call it even. I DON’T WANT YOUR PRODUCT. I have decided to add my extra drives to my server. I have not done this yet and I hope my two drives I had in the SC101 are not burnt up because of your second unit.

    4. I don’t know why you sent a SC101 without any fans for getting rid of the heat problem. It is my opinion that the second drive you sent me was a old version and the drive Bestbuy was selling may have been the new version and you want to get all the old version sold out before starting the sale of the version that has the 2 fans. It just my opinion.

    5. I do not want to send both units back to you since I cannot be assured I will get my money back. I am offering the best solution that will keep all of us happy. The Bestbuy store I bought this from is:

    Orange Park FL (Store 430)
    8151 Blanding Blvd
    Jacksonville, FL 32244
    Phone: 904-779-7474
    Hours: Mon-Sat 10:00am-10:00pm
    Sun 10:00am-8:00pm

    I do not have the original box or receipt. I can give them the credit card that this was purchased on and they should find this in their system.
    I want to settle this in a fast friendly manner where all both parties can come to an agreeable solution. I have already purchased a KVM switch for my server so that I will use it for my extra drives. Again, I hope we can come to an agreeable solution to the problem. It is not worth Netgears additional time spent nor mine to continue a disagreement on a mutual way of settle this once and for all.

  131. Hey guys,

    Well..the saga I am attempting to recover at least some of the data off the SC-101 disks, but the prob is that XP doesn’t assign a drive letter to the HDD, thus, the SFSextract util won’t work.

    Has anyone had any luck working with that util? And if so, can you help me out with it?

    Any help is highly appreciated!

  132. Hi Erik, forget the drive letter. If I recall it right, you also can connect to the IP address of your drive. I did SO MUCH chemistry then I cannot remember a thing. I remember trying to re-assign the first 10 bits of the drives or smth. Had to do this numerous times too. But at the end I succeeded recovering my data with SFSextract (or some other SF tool).

    Oh, great, the Netgear forum is down. I got all my recovery hints from there… thank you Netgear…

  133. This page is helpful

    After reading this page and drinking a cup of positive energy and spirit, I have very successfully configured 2 SC101s. They work perfectly and I have not experienced any heating issues or networking issues.

    I wish this device or some other has a mechanism to setup a webfile folder that gives access to all my files external to my network securely.

  134. I bought 4 of these bloody things (and 8 400GB drives off the approved list) for a client, I ended up feeling obliged to buy them back and then supply an expensive alternative product because these SC101’s. So now I’m stuck with 4 door stops and 8 x 400GB Drives that I am having trouble trying to reuse.
    I am not attempting to recover any data from the HDDs, i just want to use them in a new server build, but they dont survive the formatting process during the initial set up of SBS2003.
    Are these drives now knackered because they were once configured by the SC101 software?
    I am reluctant to give up on 8 brand new 400GB seagate drives, can anyone help?
    … please!

  135. Apparently I am not alone w/ this device!

    How does one get a copy of the updated Software”

    Ver 4.14.0

  136. Hey Nick (Dec 8th, 2007 at 7:50 pm)

    Are those HDDs SATA by any chance??? If you are in Sydney (Australia), I would buy 4 of those 400GBs! My server has run out of space (20GB free) so I need to create a new RAID.

  137. Thanks all of you for the great comments…I just did a google search for (SC101 fails on large file copiesf and it took me here.)

    I have a 30 (yes three-zero) servers on my network lab at home and this thing has been the bain of my file copy existence. I bout their new N Wireless router and Bridge and have had problems with every piece of Netgear crap I own. (about 3k worth)…I even have their crappy PowerLAN Cat-5/ power converters you plug into the wall.

    Netgear to me is all crap and they have lost a customer. Good luck to everyone getting their data back…hopefully one day Netgear will see all the frustrated people and actually begin shipping a even half way decent product!!!!

  138. Hi all,
    funny and not funny!
    I have a SC101T
    I got the same of most of you here. I have ONE SATA 500GB on it (checked… its ok).
    Installed it, working…
    than slowly lost one of the partition
    than both partition
    Than the console shows me 1 IP with 0 bytes available.
    Than it simply cannot find any storage attached to network anymore!
    Called the support and they told me I had to send an email because the department I fell in (like if I choose that) could not help me.
    I saw an answer to my problem…
    Typical low level support:
    DL the latest firmware/software, install it.
    If still issue, install a fresh version of windows in your machine!!!!
    EXCUSE ME!!!!
    If their network storage does not work… I have to reinstall Windows?????
    Do they think we are all stupid???
    This device is mostly targeting IT literate people… how can they suggest to reinstall Windows????
    I am horrified!!

  139. I have one of these toasters which went capoot on saturday and oh what a surprise no chance of any software utilities to retieve the data off of it , In fact I contacted this company called Apex Technology and they have quoted me £850 + VAT to retrieve the data off of the 2x 250 GB drives !!!! , Ouch but you cant put a price on the data and they know it . I am furious at Netgear and the likes of other manufactures making similar devices aimed at the consumer marker for making something that uses such a high level format partions which when they go Pete Tong they equaly cost alot . This is a serious lack of practicallity on there behalf the drives should have been NTFS compatible in the first instance or at least release a software utility that can read the drive under a windows environment

    SC101 is a piece of u know what!!!!

  140. What a piece of crap! Firstly it only works on 32bit Windows. Then it’s slow as hell. Now I know why it’s so dirt cheap. NAS my ass!

  141. Wow! This is one heck of a commentary on NetGear. I’m on hold right now listening for 30 minutes to how reliable their equipment is and that one of their “seasoned technical support engineers” will be assisting me. Will I get the “seasoned” help of telling me to reinstall Windows? I’ve experienced all of the above, and only to find the latest piece of M$ hoax, Windoze Home Server, will not backup non-NTSC disks, along with a host of toher problems, including extensive data corruption. I don’t like big government, but somehow we have to bring accuntablity to some of these more egregious companies. (50 minutes…still on hold.)

    There is one weapon against this high volume of corporate incompetence, a class action. Will one of you savvy web designers set up a site, then request of this blog author to have access to the list to email us all. Call it “Netgear Class Action”. This will wake up someone in the company.

  142. I use SC101 in my office… some pc is was running at winXp & some is winme.. Did anyone known how to force winme to run this SC101 or any file i can install at mt Winme PC?

  143. Well, thought I was the only one that hated this F$%^$% toaster. It works ok (but slow as hell) on my vista 32 and xp pro machine. Obviously wont run on x64. What crap. At least I don’t feel so alone now… Netgear sucked me in.. never again.

    Oh, and do not bother with emailing tech suppport on their website either. They simply dont respond any more. That one tech support guy probably got burnt out answering all you guys – he realised he was just some poor bunny in the wrong place at teh wrong time. 🙂

    Please kids.. whatever you do. Don’t by Netgear SC101 or SC101T toasters or for that matter other Netgear products. They are bad for your health!

  144. I purchased 2 of these units last year. I started using one of them and ran into all the problems that I have seen here in this blog. I lost all faith in the unit and put them aside thinking that maybe at some point new drivers and firmware would solve the problems. Most of the info here is fairly old. Does anyone have an new info. I would love to be able to make use of these or should I just throw them out? Around the same time I purchased another Network Storage Enclosure from CompUSA (SKU 334218) and had problems with that too. Does anyone make a unit that is reliable and works at a reasonable price?

  145. Ok, so here I am…
    Been busy with renovating my house for the last year, we finnaly moved in and I started to build up my PC room again.

    There comes the toaster in the picture and of course, the problem of getting it back up and running…

    Fisrt problem: what the heck did I use as password a year ago…
    No worries: did already resetting in the past which worked just fine. BUT… (and what comes next is not in the forum above… believe me. I just spent 2 hours reading it…)

    So… according to the Help, you need to press the reset button with a paperclip or whatever fits in there for about 8 seconds and the password will be reset to the default… “password”…

    Well… No… it doesn’t…
    It always did, but now it doesn’t anymore…

    I’ve tried about 10 times now and still the thing won’t let me in…

    I’m going to try some other things and will come back.

    (After being a year busy with other things, I’m not sure anymore what was on these disks. What I do now was that I had 1 partition with e-books and manuals which I would like to get my hands back on…)

  146. I’m back and it seems it has worked…

    I uninstalled my old SCM. At the same time I removed Alcohol 120%.

    Before restarting the PC (WinXP) I pressed again the reset button for 8 seconds…
    Waited a few more and then restarted the toaster by unplugging the power cable…

    Restarted the PC, installed the new SCM from the netgear website…

    All working again… 3 partitions there and accessible…

    Anyway – something so tricky and unreliable is not worth your time/energy.
    After seen what happens with this thing, I must say: never ever again…

    Thanks for all the information on this blog. It was very helpfull.

  147. Practically all of the moaning and gripes on here are soooooooo out of date.
    Upgrade the firmware and software to the latest one and install both straight away.
    I’ve been on it since Sept 07 and use my 2 x 400gb (non-mirrored) SC device without fault.
    It is slow (when writing, not reading) but is still a great purchase in my eyes.
    The only gripe I have is that is uses a proprietary filesystem format instead of NTFS. That is a real shame but if you read in to it you can see why it’s done that way.

    So going against the common theme here… I have no problems and use my unit everyday from a variety of machines, OS’s and wired and wifi.

    Beware of all the old info about this unit all over the net, it’s a lot better on the new firmware+software.

  148. Yes, did a nice un-install of the software (which was from mid 2007) which sat and sat and sat and sat (about 15mins worth)… freezing my machine and causing me to hard reset to reboot to a nice BSOD. I couldn’t even get the system running in safe mode. Off to do a format…. blah!

  149. I totally agree with all the posting here and Netgear has lost me as a customer forewer!!! My only regret is that I didn’t find that forum 8 month ago when I purchased this peace of crap.

    My problem with this drive started when it was falling to copy large files and I have to dissable every peace of firewall and antivirus software on my computer in order to copy files (don’t get me started on the speed).

    Then the drive just refuse to open from the “My computer”. I can go into netgear management utility and see the drive but can’t open it to get my data. When I try I get the following error:
    drive f: is not accesseble
    An internal error occured

    After spending too much time with useless Netgear tech support, I was told that one of the files that I copied to the drive has corrupted partition (I never heard more ridicilous excuse then this) and I was told that the only way to fix it is to scrap the drive and loose all the data on it.

    Since Netgear uses SFS file system I can’t find any tools to recover at least some data (netgear recovery tool doesn’t work).

    Saying that does anyone had similar problem and have any suggestion how to fix it? Does anyone knows any SFS partition recovery tools?

    Thank you in advance for all the help,


    P.S. If anyone still want to do class action suite against Netgear, count me in.

  150. What a horrible piece of crap this SC101 turned out to be. I’m surprised Netgear hasn’t issued a product recal just to stay in business. It should destroy their reputation. They have made some good products but until they take responsibility for this turd I won’t buy another Netgear product.

    Meanwhile, the instructions above that start with getting drunk and punching the cat before you set to work… that’s the same thing I did and it worked! I got it working again well enough to copy everything off it and pull out the Maxtor harddrive which I will reformat for another use. The SC101 toaster is now going on ebay for 99 cents! You can’t give this crap away, so it will go to the next electronics recycling collection or the landfill.

    Eventually you can get your data back but it will never be useful.

    Good luck everyone.

  151. Yes I purchased this unit on the expectation of connecting it to my network with NO special software on the client PC. RUBBISH, each client PC requires netgears special software, this is a NONO. Unfortuantely NETGEAR do not tell this anyware on there site for this product.
    This is in addition to the numerous problems above !!!


  152. The morons at Netgear need to figure out how to write software. Idiots. This is a piece of crap. Can’t mirror once it’s lost.

  153. I have the NetGear SC (Shit Created) 101. I’ve lost so much data on this crap it’s rediculous. What’s worse, I was using a NetGear Wireless Adapter… Go figure!!! Shit follows Shit don’t it? I had it for 4 months, (paid $100) for it, and later sold it for $5. I felt bad for selling it, because I OVERCHARGED THE POOR SAP!!! I bought a Cisco adapter to replace the NetGear MA-xxxx, and bought another Network hard drive. It cost a bit more, but trust me… it was worth the money.

    Return your SC101 or due a Backup of your data on it. THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING!!!

  154. I purchased one of these SC101 units refurbished, really really dirt cheap impulse buy as my personal intro to NAS, and have not set it up yet. I was initially shocked by the requirement to load the software on every computer that wants to share it: yikes! I didn’t even know this until I found the little slip of paper packed with it that told me to visit the Netgear website for the software (??!!??) (apparently no CD or manual included with refurbs). After reading the horror stories here, maybe I’ll just gut the thing and use it as an external harddrive case (ATA->USB adapters are also cheap); it has better cooling than than those skin-tight cases everyone sells. Thanks for the warnings!

  155. Haven’t read all postings, but seem to agree with most: SC101 is total POS, waste of money and suckhole of lifeforce. Bought one several years ago and installed two bargain-priced new Maxtor DiamondMax 10 3000GB drives while on migration path to SATA in my home-built systems…seemed to be a good mirrored backup solution for important home network files. Never worked as advertised so just let it rest, hoping support/software would improve with time. Just (6/1/2008) installed latest software and drivers, reulting in numerous sytem freezes and forced reboots. It’s a teaser, but after 4-5 hours of my life spent trying to make it work as advertised, I’m ready to salvage my unused drives and pitch the “toaster” as far downrange as possible. In my many years as computer hobbyist, I have never seen a product as worse than worthless as this.


    I have one of these with 2 300GB Maxtors mirroed as a backup of a huge photo library and did not have a problem with this basic need, but now the power supply has failed. If I try the drives in another SC101 it just gives the broken mirror message.

    The supply voltage needed to spin the disk is missing, but the other voltage is there to blink the lights and move the armature.

    Tech support says there is no way to repair the power supply, but there must be someone out there who has been tinkering with these and could fix the power supply for me.

    I’m willing to pay someone to fix the power supply just long enough for me to get my data back.

    Let me know: rand.reed AT

    PS: if there is a clas-action suit, please count me in!

  157. Purchased yesterday for $39 at Frys. After one day of use, it works OK, but is really slow compared to another Gigabit SAN (Dlink) that I have.

    After trying out on several PC’s, XP and Vista, I go to install the software on my XP64. It will not install. No 64 bit is supported. So its back to Frys with this unit.

  158. I have had one of these units since they first came out, it’s been okay at best. A couple of weeks ago the unit died after a severe thunderstorm. It had two drives with no mirror and no user level security. After trying unsuccessfully for several days to find a way to get my data back. I found an obscure post, which I can’t find to reference again, that stated the power brick may be the culprit. So I bit the bullet and purchased a referb unit off of ebay. In doing so I had two chances to get my data back, 1. Swap drives to the new unit and see if I could recover, or 2. swap the power brick and see if the unit came back to life.

    After waiting the better part of a week, the new unit arrived. I tried the simplest fix first, swap the brick. I held my breath while the unit came to life, at first it didn’t seem to do anything except flash the lights, but finally spun up the HD’s and low and behold the drives reappeared on my computer.

    Symptoms of my failure: Drives would not spin up, and the red activity light rapidly flashed, all others appeared normal. There was an noticable ticking sound when the drives tried to wind up.

    Moral of the story: I got my drives back online, and moved data to a standard format system. No more propritary formats for back up data. Never again will I use any device of this type (propritary formats) without an alternate backup format just in case.

  159. Well, I’ve just received this unit after purchasing from Ebay with 2 320gb drives and I have spent 5 hours just trying to configure the bloody thing.

    After reading all the posts on here, I have decided to sell the unit tomorrow as I just cannot be arsed with it.

    With the cash, I will buy a USB storage caddy and a 500mb drive connected directly to my PC that I will backup from the PC’s primary drive (no space for a second drive).

    Netgear, you should be ashamed of this product; it’s total trash!!!!!

  160. I must be honest and say that I am probably the only person in the world who likes the SC101. I have two 500GB HDs attached to four computers in my house. It has worked flawlessly for over 1 1/2 years.I run backups for three pc’s and I access all of my movies/music and photos without a glitch. I’ve even played the same movie in three different rooms simultaneously. I have noticed that at times it could take a few seconds for the drives to appear but for the low cost, I’ll live with that. I have recovered two pc’s from backups stored there with no trouble. One thing I have done is reboot it once a month (maybe that’s the ticket) or maybe I’ve just been lucky. Even though I like it, when I upgrade I will build a real server but this was cool for the money.

  161. Had a great time with the SC101 – NOT! Visited the US in 2006 found the SC101 – thought what the heck. Got it up and running pretty quickly, to my dismay I have to install a driver and its using a propriatarian driver and format – that’s lack of a better word – poor design thinking.
    It’s slow, cumbersome and keeps loosing connection. I have been coping data now for 3 hours using an old PC that is now the only of 5 pc’s able to connect to the SC101.

    This product is incredibly poor, and I think my 400gb disk will come to good use in one of my pc’s – am going for a new NAS.

    No, I am not a newbie, I have 20 years in the IT business.

    So yes, I will cry with the wolves – this product sucks!

  162. I am very familiar with the Netgear SC101 and SC101T as well as most of the other devices using Zetera’s ZAN technology.

    The first mistake Netgear made with this product was in not making it crystal clear that it is not a NAS. The ZSAN technology makes the unit appear more as a direct attached storage device (DAS). A NAS is merely a file server. If you are looking for file server features, don’t buy these units. Most USB disks appear as DAS, but the Storage Centrals are not as limited as those USB disks.

    The second mistake Netgear made was to limit the file system to DataPlow’s SAN File System (SFS). Now SFS is great for sharing volumes and files, but it is not the natively supported file system of Windows. Many people just don’t understand that point.

    The third mistake — and this is a big one — was in their Storage Central software. Most of the people I have talked to hate this program with a passion.

    The forth mistake Netgear made was in not supporting Macs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually share the little piggy with both your Windows desktop and MacBook?

    As you can probably see, I am from Newt Data (actually Newt Data Systems, Inc.). Among other things, we license Zetera’s ZSAN technology as well as DataPlow’s SFS. Our intent is to fill some of the holes in implementing products with ZSAN.

    We have our own line of storage products (called SwiftStore), but also produce a storage manager software package that allows Mac OS X users to access their SC101 and SC101T volumes that have been created with Netgear’s Windows SCM. Our Mac Storage Manager also allows users to create volumes with Mac’s OS X native HFS file system, and also has a handy provision that lets users recover from a “broken mirror” — another feature Netgear forgot.

    Check us out on

  163. I purchased the Netgear SC101 from ebay about 6 months ago and I have had no problems with it all.

    I put an old hard drive I had in it, connected it to the network router, downloaded the software, added the drives and when I go into my windows explorer the drive is listed there under my computers as a hard disk drive. Have no problems in saving, copying, deleting, burning etc from this hard drive at all. None of my data has been lost. I still do backups as anyone should do on a normal hard drive on the computer.

    I think it is fine if you use for simple uses.

  164. Dear All,

    My SC101 containing a 300gb Seagate has just fallen over while I as trying to install a second HDD in the POS. The 300gb Seagate is not showing up in either Disk Mgr or the SCM Utility. When I try ut_full, the mesg is “0 Mirocsan found within subnet”.I’ve tried everything else recommended in this Forum except for trying my HDD in another SC101 or replacing the PSU. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance – Chewy.

  165. Have had an sc101 running for several years now.

    Tried mirroring not successful.Initially OK but then some computers saw one drive some the other so contents of drive depended on which computer you read it from, gave up mirroring.

    Total failure one day, lights flashed but no drives found by utility,……
    bought another unit tried it on original power supply to save rerouteing cables, same problem lights flashed but could not find any drives. Tried new drive with new power supply worked ok. Ran old unit on new power supply worked ok no data lost. Swapped around a few times fault always stayed with power unit. Note as the good power unit is plugged into the drive the disc motors spin up momentarily with the faulty unit this does not happen.
    All this happened with current firmware and software. Moral “just because the lights flash do not rule out the power supply”.
    I still have a couple of problems apart from the slowness and that is drive letters randomly change even after being set up in XP disc management.
    It seems impossible to install version 3 of the software if version 2 is already installed as the removal of 2 by the installation of 3 removes files which are later called during the reboot which occurs in the installation of 3 which causes the machine to reboot endlessly.
    It seems necessary to remove all traces of 2 prior to installing 3 which does seem more stable than 2 once loaded.

  166. I have had most of the problems that are already posted by others, the freezing up, the disappearing drive letters, the inability of the Netgear software to detect, the problems installing new software and sharing. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, disconnected/reconnected, tried many configurations. And I fully agree with all of you– this thing’s a piece of crap.

    But now I have it working, and it’s worked reliably for something like a year now! How did I do it? You probably won’t like my answers, but here is how I use it:
    1. Do not use it on a network. Yes, I said that. Get a short crossover cable and install it directly into a spare ethernet port on your computer. Hopefully you have a second, unused port like I do. Or if your network is wireless, use the wired ethernet port for the SC101 using the crossover cable. Regular ethernet cable won’t work, because the SC101 is supposed to look like a computer on the network, not a router. I can’t explain it, just do as I say!
    2. Only have 1 drive in the beast.
    3. Only have 1 partition on that 1 drive. No mirroring or fancy stuff! (K.I.S.S.)
    4. No sharing. Of course, as it’s directly connected to only one computer! Duh
    5. I don’t know if this is necessary, but when I shut down my computer I unplug the power cord to the SC101. I don’t like the constant noise of the thing, nor that the drive will probably not last long if it is constantly on all the time. But who knows, maybe my giving it a rest by rebooting it every time my computer is rebooted is somehow keeping it on the straight and narrow path of righteous living.

    Not long ago, before my computer was fully booted up, I had jumped the gun by inserting one of those little USB drives. I bet you know what happened– the computer saw the USB first and made it to be E: and the SC101 hesitated, then became F: drive, no problem. What was weird was that the SC101 stayed as F: drive through several reboots of the system (this time without the USB stick) and then just a couple of days ago I guess it got tired of being F: and changed back to E: spontaneously. Who knows why, I sure don’t. But everything’s still accessible and working, praise Netgear. (On second thought, No.)

  167. Hi, Just had one of these units installed with 2 x 80GB drives for document backup. Ran the orignial install programs and all OK. Decided to upgrade, because of the KB article, and now have no drives although the IP adresses are there the capacity is now 0%. Would still like to use it as a “NAS” [sort of] unit and would appreciate help. Also would like to divide the 80GB [mirrored]drive into 30-20-20GB. The unit is set to share and mirror before the upgrade at 74.5GB. Thanks, KH

  168. These units are trully cr@p

    Unrelliable, unstable and unusable – not fit for purpose.

    Dont consider buying one!! –

    I have just spent three hours removing registry entries, rebooting, resetting and tinkering to recover my personal music and photo collection of the last 3 years….

    ….to put it onto an IOMEGA 1TB unit…….that works without unstable, unusable proprietary software….

    Netgear, hang your heads in shame – I’ll never buy anything with your name on it again.

  169. Ugghh, I hate this device.
    1. No power management
    2. Works only with windows
    3. Can’t access the contents directly (plug the HDD directly to an IDE controller)
    4. Incompatible with Greek and Russian characters. I moved a folder from my computer to this device with files in Greek and Russian names and then it couldn’t open, copy, delete or rename them. It showed something like “The file couldn’t be found” but I could see them as icons
    5. Very inconvenient when you wanna access the files from a non permanent network computer (friend, relative, co-worker etc) because you have to install the horrible application/drivers and the owner of the computer might not want to install it. And all the time and settings you need just for few files

    I transferred almost all the files to a computer, took the hdd out, reformatted it and use it as a local drive until it died couple of years later. SC101 stands now empty on the top of my bookcase inside its box.

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