No more smoking in restaurants

Jan 2007: No more smoking in restaurants
( picture is mashup from HelpEenRoker campaign )

I am already counting down to January 1st 2007 (125 days to go). From that day onwards, it will be forbidden to smoke in Belgian restaurants. Hallelujah!

Some of you smokers out there are offended I should rejoice in such an event? Just remember that for us, non-smokers, cigarette smoke at the dinner table is as enjoyable as a (smelly) fart in the face. We’ve had to put up with that for way too long.

The announcements: Restaurants rookvrij vanaf 2007 (NL) or Restaurants sans fumeurs en 2007 (FR)


If you too are eagerly awaiting the beginning of smokefree dining, you can add this countdown clock to your blog. The cigarette becomes shorter and shorter until it will be burnt up on Jan 1st 2007. Instructions on

7 thoughts on “No more smoking in restaurants”

  1. I’m not a smoker, but banning smoking in restaurents seem pig headed to me. What don’t non-smokers just go to smoke-free bars and restaurants? After all, I may hate rap music, but I wouldn’t rejoice if there was a ban against it just so I can enjoy a rap-music free environment wherever I go.

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  3. I just figured out that the countdown clock is one hour wrong – it does not take the switch from daylights saving time to ‘normal’ time in account 😉

  4. It’s been illegal to smoke in all public places (bars and restaurants included) for two years. The ban has been pretty heavily enforced (big fines for both owners and smokers) and so it’s very rare to see anyone flout the law.

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