Moldover: Live mashup DJ

Moldover: live mashup DJI wrote a post last year “REQ: Live mashup performance tool” on how much fun it would be to be able to do live mashups: mix basslines, drums, guiter riffs and vocals from different songs in real-time. I just found out via beatmixed that there is a New-York DJ that has figured out the nuts and bolts: Toto a.k.a. Moldover.


See him at work on this Youtube video:


Let’s estimate what a set-up like this would cost:

So a total of 3000 to 4000 €. Some ways to make the price tag less aggressive: a Behringer BCF2000 instead of the Novation, Behringer F-control instead of the Echo Audio (using the laptop’s internal line-out is probably not a viable option, and the F-control comes with a lite edition of Ableton Live 4, maybe enough to get started) and start without Reaktor. Or go for one of the Live bundles (like Live + Evolution UC 33/e controller or Live + Axiom 49)

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