Barcamp Brussels is approaching!

The day is coming closer: Barcamp Brussels II on Sunday Sept 24th!!

Some concrete info:

SAP Lounge

  • breakfast starts at 09H00. The actual speeches start around 10h, and end around 18h.
  • the event takes place at the SAP Lounge (at Arsenal, next to VUB)
  • there are 4 simultaneous tracks in separate rooms (20-30 persons each)
    for those who write it
    for those who use it
    for those who plan it
    for those who sell it
  • all presentations should be 10 minutes long (i.e. “Elevator pitch” style). That leaves 5 minutes for Q&A and 5 minutes to swap rooms. 10 minutes is short? Yes it is! The goal is not to show your thorough knowledge of a topic, but to show people what you are doing and if they’re interested, they’ll find you for more info!
  • all presentations are in English. There will be an international crowd, and a priori the ‘de facto lingua franca’ is Latin English, res ipsa loquitur.

Those who still want to participate:

  1. put your name on the Barcamp Brussels attendee list (we’re already around 70 names!)
  2. put your 10-minute topic on the Barcamp II topics page
  3. prepare your presentation: focus on the important stuff, don’t go
    in too much detail and practise iot. 10 minutes is really short, and
    you will be stopped when your time is up, so that we can keep the four
    simultaneous tracks synchronized.
  4. show up and have fun


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