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Wouldn’t this be a great idea: the Brussels public transport not mapped by MIVB‘s horribly unpractical route planner, but by Google’s Transit maps. You just need to get an export of the stops, the routes and the times, and they can be shown on Google Maps just like that. Where should we start looking for the source data? Then create agency.txt, stops.txt, routes.txt, trips.txt, stop_times.txt, calendar.txt and that’s it.

Google Transit Feed

Google transit

4 thoughts on “MIVB en Google Transit”

  1. Used this for the California trip last october. Extremely handy as it lists all the transit and stops where you need to get on and off and how to continue your trip on foot.

    Sometimes I consider moving to Google-land, just for these features…

  2. “If the MIVB wouldn’t have been so narrow-minded and focused on cash it would have been up there for a while now…”

    So, IYHO Google is not narrow-minded when it cashes (advertising) the public data funded by taxpayers and refuses to pay for the transport information…?

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