Coditel digital television

Some remarks on the Coditel digital television system that I have been using for the last two weeks:

Way too many useless channels
Exotic channels
I could now watch channels like Nile TV, Qatar TV and Al Jazeera for Kids. But no Discovery Channel or National Geographic. On the good side: I now have Vijf TV and Vitaya, which was not the case with analog TV.

Bandwidth issues
At first you don’t really see a difference in image quality. But every now and then the channel you are watching can get really jerky. Switching to another channel and back might help, but sometimes you are forced to watch Tv like this:

No more TV capture?
Since the digital TV decoder is also the tuner (with a separate remore control), I guess it’s not possible to it hook up to a PC and TV capture card so that these can act as a digital video recorder. The set-top box itself (a Motorola DVi1000) does not have a hard disk nor can it be fitted with one: no chance of a Telenet Digicorder alternative. So recording becomes kind of hard.

All in all, not that big a step forward.

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