Dreamhost has better performance now

Ine mentions that Dreamhost has become a more reliable hoster. I am actually tracking Dreamhost performance, and I can only agree.

This is the current response time of a WordPress blog on Dreamhost:
Wordpress on Dreamhost: #1
Wordpress is a database-powered PHP application, so this response time includes the MySQL queries and PHP overhead.

This is the very similar performance of a second blog on another Dreamhost server:
Wordpress on Dreamhost: #2

The major improvement you see around Sept 21 is my installation of WP-Cache. In any case, the average response time is now just below 1 second. When I try to factor out the PHP/MySQL influence by measuring the mere download of a static file, the results are:
static file on Dreamhost
That is 350ms on average. In the bad days (back in September 2006) this could be above 1 second.

Dreamhost has been busy with a filer migration and network upgrade. Fortunately the results are visible.

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