Dreamhost has better performance now

Ine mentions that Dreamhost has become a more reliable hoster. I am actually tracking Dreamhost performance, and I can only agree.

This is the current response time of a WordPress blog on Dreamhost:
Wordpress on Dreamhost: #1
Wordpress is a database-powered PHP application, so this response time includes the MySQL queries and PHP overhead.

This is the very similar performance of a second blog on another Dreamhost server:
Wordpress on Dreamhost: #2

The major improvement you see around Sept 21 is my installation of WP-Cache. In any case, the average response time is now just below 1 second. When I try to factor out the PHP/MySQL influence by measuring the mere download of a static file, the results are:
static file on Dreamhost
That is 350ms on average. In the bad days (back in September 2006) this could be above 1 second.

Dreamhost has been busy with a filer migration and network upgrade. Fortunately the results are visible.

2 thoughts on “Dreamhost has better performance now”

  1. I’m finally going to make the switch to Dreamhost early next year (been mulling it over for several years) and it’s finally come to the point where I need the kind of features DH has to offer. Glad to see that their performance has improved; I’ve been following them on and off since I first became interested in them and it’s nice to a see a company so frank about its situation and performance, and be ready to tell all when things go wrong.

    Also useful to note the comments of an existing customer, that’s the stuff which is really important. If you’re happy, it looks like I will be as well. Rock on.

  2. DreamHost is freaking great, if you are into linux and technical web development then you might enjoy some of the interesting tips and tricks for DreamHost users at AskApache as well as a great Official DH wiki.

    I definately recommend them, especially if you like open-source software like perl and php, and Apache running on GNU / Linux. MySql, DNS, mail, its all there.

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